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L Aug 18, 2018

Your pharmacy is refusing to fill my medication because the pharmacist has made a judgement that I am someone doctor hopping to get meds that cannot be given together.

I have been with the same doctors office 20 years, on the same meds at least that long and with your pharmacy over 10 years. This will be the third time I have gone without critical medication due to CVS pharmacy's errors (always on the weekend). I let the first time go, I complained the second incident and was never contacted but this time I am furious.

I just stated a new teaching job not even a month ago. My students will be coming to class starting Monday 20th. (1st graders). I remain stable and able to function due to the diligence, determination and help from my doctor and you have the audacity to refuse me medicine.

The pharmacist stated that she refused to fill them until she SPOKE DIRECTLY TO THE DOCTOR because it made her liable. Well, your company will be liable for me losing my job or being unable to function on Monday due to your refusal to refill valid medications. I have taken the same 6 medicine for over 10 years and being off of them for 4 days could be disastrous for me. I called these in Wednesday and was not told until I CALLED TODAY TO SEE WHY THEY WERE NOT BEING FILLED, that there was a problem. Now it will be Tuesday at the very earliest before I am able to get my medication. Your judgmental pharmacist needs to be told that just because someone takes medication for mental illness, that does not mean they are stupid. I am not sitting at home, a crazy person, manipulated my drug supply. I worked full time, I hold a masters degree and I have fought harder to understand my illness and remain diligent to control it all of my life.

I do not normally complain and never feel anger. However, right now, I believe I am more angry than I have ever been in my . This is abusive. You have all of the power, I know you are wrong, what you are doing is being done for judgmental reasons and a personal issue and it effects my health. Like a child waiting on the adult to quit beating them, I wait for you to decide to help me stay OK. Of course no one is there, because it is a weekend and you are enjoying time with your family.

You will not even read this until Monday or Tuesday and by then it will be too late. The last time I was off meds due to a pharmacy error, it took me weeks to recover and get make on the proper regime. This is totally unacceptable. I assure you that I will not every drop this matter if I end up hospitalized due to a emotional crash or am unable to perform my job as a teacher and lose my job. Who do you think you are as a company to determine my right to medical treatment. They have had the prescription refill request since Wednesday and never followed up!!! Do you not have any compassion for what your totally unprofessional behavior or you overriding my physician's order will cause me.

I am not dropping this anymore. This has effected my life too many times. NO one should have to be judged by a pharmacist. All they have to do is look at my records. Same doctor, same medicine, same pharmacy for 10 years and suddenly today you refuse to fill a valid refill request.

I frankly, do not give a damn, your organization or your pharmacist opinion of mental illness. This is abusive it is ethically wrong... .it is just freaking mean.

Linda Norris

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