CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthflu shot


This past Wed. I stopped at CVS in Ephrata, the clerk asked only for my birthdate & year, was told to come back Friday. On Friday, a different clerk said she didn't know why I was sent away till Friday. I was then told to wait for the pharmacist, I didn't mind waiting for 20 minutes, if the pharmacist was filling prescriptions, and he wasn't, but he kept waiting on newer people, and it went on and on. I felt that since I was there first, I should have been waited on before all the people that came after me. I finally got behind the last person he was waiting on, and then he called my name, he then told me to get behind the three newer people in line. I appreciate that CVS gives out free shots, but the procedure needs to be reviewed, first come, first served. I was the only person there for a flue shot, and it is a two minute procedure. I hope you will look into this. Thank you. Joe Grossman, a regular CVS customer.

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