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I went to the cove's store located at 3030 west Dillard avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218. I went to the register to check out my merchandise by a cashier named Jose.

He proceeded to bag my groceries and I ask for a second bag and he told me only one bag per customer. I ask him a second time for another bag and he said no and proceeded to help the next customer. I told him that I was a paying customer and would like to speak to the manager.

He stated the I am the manager. His name tag only said his Jose.

I ask him again to speak to the manager and he stated no.

I am filing this complaint because he was very rude and unprofessional.
I would like something done about this. No customer who spends their hard earned money should have to be treated like this. Thank you for your time

Mr. Glenn Taylor
Po Box 12830
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

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