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Cub Cadet reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on May 24, 2007. The latest review Mower sc500z was posted on Aug 13, 2021. The latest complaint Horrible Customer Service and Unfairly Voided Warranty and Sexism was resolved on Jul 30, 2013. Cub Cadet has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 76 reviews. Cub Cadet has resolved 12 complaints.

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Jul 07, 2020

Cub Cadet — Zero turn mower breach of warranty contract

Purchased RZT Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower 06-30-2017. This Mower has a Honda 20hp engine. I have sent my Mower...

Valley City

Cub CadetLoud muffler

I bought a new cub 42" xt1 in 2015 and have no problems with the unit. I do have a GREAT problem with the VERY LOUD muffler that wakes the whole neighborhood up at 9:am of saturday morning. Do you make or know where I can buy a quiet muffler for my cub. I Talked to a lot of cub cadet owners and they all have the same complaint as i Do, could you please get back to me on this problem. Jim May 614 Saturn Drive Uniontown Ohio 44685 c330-807-3286 Thanks!

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    Cub CadetDefective lawn mower

    I bought a cub cadet ultima zt1 50"mower on 5/19/2020 and it was bought and delivered by home depot. After setting it up I attempted to set the cut length and it does not rotate as it should which is 1"-4"and it only moves from 2 3/4" to 3 3/4". Called home depot and they could only offer me to have it picked up and another delivered only problem is the mower has gas in it and they won't take it. They said I could bring it in to the home depot store but I don't have the means to transport it, so home depot has abandoned me on this 3000.00 dollar purchase! To have a cub cadet service center repair it I would have to pay 75.00 for them to pick it up and fix it. This is my first cub cadet product purchase and I am not a happy customer! What can you do about making me a satisfied customer?

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      Cub CadetLawnmower

      I am very disappointed in the cub cadet lawnmower that I purchased for my husband. The mower is not even 1 year old and has less than 10 hours on it. We have already replaced the carburetor once costing us $100 and now we are having to replace it a second time. No one in my area is willing to work on this mower because of the problems they have with this brand. We have contacted your company about this but of course this is not under the warranty that I purchased. We have not paid off this mower and will have to now purchase a new lawn mower.

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        Cub CadetProduct

        my dad has a zero turn cub cadet. The belt keeps coming off. He can barely see and can't get down on floor. So leaves mom & I to deal with it. We struggle putting it on cuz well we are not mechanics. But we eventally get it back on which throws off again and again. He has had it serviced but when got it back & mowed well guess what belt comes off again. He says he will never buy a cub cadet again. I see many a complaints about the belt problem. Why are these not being recalled?

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          Mar 11, 2020

          Cub Cadet — Technical support operators

          During my search for parts for a 2016 Challenger 700 I found that the Illustrated parts breakdowns for the...

          Cub Cadetxt3 46 inch snow plow positioning cable placement

          I'm going on my 3rd year of having my XT3 GSX Tractor and have had nothing but problems with the snow packing in the positioning release arm on the plow, "That shuold have a Cover to protect it and make it usable !

          Also, the "Release Cable" for the plow positioning arm on the back of the plow get's tied to the Positioning Arm that allows the operator to re-position the plow blade from the operators seat sits Right Across" from the Engine Exhaust and the cable housing melts which makes the cable free of it's housing and unusable to re-position the plow blade !!!

          Most definitely a design flaw, I've had the cable changed twice, the last time on my money because the warranty expired. But the Dealer never mentioned trying to find a way to re-position the cable so the exhaust doesn't melt the plastic housing.

          There needs to be an engineering design change or fix for this problem, other wise I cannot change the plow position without getting off of the tractor !!! A chore for this elderly Disabled Veteran !!!

          Gary Johnson
          W5236 Tippecanoe Trl.
          Elkhorn, WI. 53121


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            Cub Cadetrtzl 54"

            I like my Cub Cadet Zero Turn, except the rigid frame on uneven ground. I am currently exploring making the front axel pivot.
            The rigid frame is very dangerous and can cause the operator to loose control of the mower on uneven land. I don't understand why build a good piece of equipment and not do a pivotal front axel.
            I have operated a Dairy Farm for 46 years and all types of equipment for over 60 years.
            Without experience operating equipment the ordinary person would be subject to injury. As I have had my mower to loose traction and take off on it's own out of control several times. Luckily I have had a good landing spot.
            If you have any ideas on how to convert my mower to a pivot front axel please share with me.

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              Sep 16, 2019

              Cub Cadet — 3224 power wash

              Purchased power washer about 2 years ago. Was looking at Stihl and Generic as well. The reason I chose the...

              Cub CadetModel rzt 42

              I purchase my Cub in July 2012 and within the first two years had to replace hub bearings. Worked good until Aug 2016 with 115 hours the clutch and hub bearings were bad again. It was covered by unknown, Cub says they did not cover it and my dealer said warranty covered it. I asked at that time if it is normal for the clutch to go out at 115 hours. The owner informed me that he usually don't see clutch problems till around 400-500 hour range. I ask when I got it back if will have another issue with clutch and was told no ! The repair was done in Sept 2016. Here we are in Aug 26, 2019 at 236.1 hours (121 hr) since repair and clutch out again.

              My dealer says he can't help me but this is not normal! I called the Cub Service tech line and got some young gentleman and he blamed it on my maintenance, not even seeing the mower. I ask him to sell me over the phone to buy another one. His response to me was we are the #1 selling brand out there and that was it! Wow! What a selling scheme. I ask him also if it was normal for the clutch to go out at such hours and he also stated NO!

              He told me can't help because out of warranty! I ask why because they have never fixed the problem yet? He then continued to blame my maintenance. My unit is super clean as my dealer has commented and the techs even commented they liked working on my because so clean. They did make my decision on a new mower purchase very easy to eliminate Cub Cadet! Horrible purchase with no SERVICE! Don't waste your money!

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                Cub CadetCub Cadet Riding mower/lawn tractor (applies to all, this one is a 46")

                The following is LESS of a complaint and MORE of constructive suggestion(s) - input.

                1. Cadet's web site has a chat button on the bottom R. I tried using it last Fri. around 3:30 PM CT, again on Sat. & Sun. then again after 9 AM CT today. NADA never worked!
                The web people / Cadet NEED to add times it is available or make it invisible when OFF.

                2. The store we bought the mower at made clear the 'break in' oil (& filter) should be changed after 3, no more than 5, hours. BUT neither Cub Cadet's web site, the mower's manual, NOR Kholer's manual say ANYTHING other than change at 25 hours! WORSE still (if that's possible) Cadet's customer service knew NOTHING about it! ONLY the technician (tech line) knew - confirmed the original oil & filter should be changed within the first 5 hours of operation! Even if the Cadet & Kholer manuals are not reprinted (updated) an insert can be added-glued in!

                For such an important thing (getting acid rich oil OUT), get with it everyone.

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                  Aug 11, 2019

                  Cub Cadet — 2019 cub cadet fuel injected mover

                  Purchased a new fuel injected riding mower an I questioned about fuel injectors ones I was was told never any...

                  Cub Cadetlast year’s cub cadott 750 challenger

                  I only have 618 miles on my new cub cadet I bought last year. The utv unexpectedly stopped running. I took it to the dealer I bought it from Farm and Home in Medford and they informed me that the crank shaft is bad and the engine needs to be replaced at a cost of $5, 500.00. I'm very upset that Cub Cadet wouldn't stand behind their product and stuck me with the bill. I've been a 25 plus year cub cadet owner. But trust me this will be the last product I ever buy from them. Rest assured I will go online and tell everyone about Cub Cadet and their resistance to stand behind their products!

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                    • Je
                      Jeep2020 Jun 22, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I have a 2017 750 cub cadet challenger been have problems with the clutch almost caught fire was replaced once and now the same problem 125 miles on the clutch now to fix it will cost 2000.00 just in parts called cub cadet they won't warranty it. I do not recommend any buddy buying a utv from cub cadet not good service and they don't care about their product they sell

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                    Jun 06, 2019

                    Cub Cadet — 21 inch 159cc 3in 1 high rear wheel rwd gas walk behind self propelled mower with push button start

                    My cub Cadet Mower is in the shop at Wellington Implament in Medina Ohio [protected] or 2. I purchased...

                    Cub Cadetbagger for model xt2 lx46

                    I just bought the tractor in May 2019. The tractor is a very nice unit. Not as high quality as my old model 2130 (not manufactured by MTD), but it is good quality tractor. I purchased the "Fast Attach" model bagger for the tractor. I am very disappointed with the overall quality of this bagger. Talk about "cheap"! I don't think it could be made any cheaper. The mounting frames around the top of the bags are made of plastic. The handles on the bottom of the bags use to assist in emptying the bags are so small it is difficult the put your hand in if wearing a glove. The quality of the bagger for my old 2130 puts this bagger to shame. Unbelievable that Cub Cadet would design a nd produce a quality tractor and offer this poor excuse of a bagger. Cub Cadet should be ashamed to put their name on this product. I made a big mistake in trusting Cub Cadet to apply their normally high standard of quality to this bagger. Unfortunately, there are no other baggers available for my tractor. My old bagger I could install or remove in 3 minutes. To install or remove this monstrosity will must likely take 10 to 15 minutes. I know I will always be sorry I purchased this bagger. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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                      • Gf
                        gfb2 Apr 15, 2021

                        My comments on the bagger system

                        CUB CADET ZERO TURN MOWER

                        I purchased a 42 inch Cadet Cub zero turn mower a couple years ago and am pleased with its performance. I also bought the grass bagging system but m not happy with the design and its durability. Granted, my lawn is not like a golf course – there are many trees, bushes and occasional holes around our yard. I admit I am perhaps a little aggressive when I cut my grass, so, perhaps I cause some of the problems. However, I had a Troy Bilt zero turn bagging system and did not have the problems with it like I have with your bagger. Below are a number of issues and suggestions to make your system much more durable and usable:

                        Overall, the plastic used to build the bagger are too light; they need to be made with a sturdier plastic as it breaks easily when I brush against a tree limb or shrub

                        The tab which connects the collector hose to the cutting deck broke – I fashioned a metal piece to make the connection better. I haven’t had problems since I did that.

                        The viewing window on the top of the lid is useless – it “fogs up” with clippings and debris so the operator really can’t see how full the bags are. Eliminate this window. Over time, I know about how long it takes to fill the two bags with clippings.

                        The connecter clips on the bag cover broke easily; I made adaptors and currently use zip ties to secure the cover frame to the lid.

                        The lid “hold down” points are weak; I replaced them with small fittings and use tie down wires to secure the lid after dumping the contents of the two bags.

                        My wife has several large flower beds around our yard - the “off spray” of the grass clippings causes grass seeds to be thrown into her beds, causing extra effort to keep the seeds out of her beds. As a result, I use a walk-behind mower with a bagger and cut around the flower beds to reduce the possibility of contaminating the flower beds with grass seeds.

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                      Cub Cadetcub cadet rzt s42

                      No real problems with the mower the first season. The next year, while turning left, the steering would stick in the turned position. I've pulled it all apart and found that the hydro-link for the left side tranny was bent and the metal was splintering. There were no bushings for the sliding design and basically...the parts ate each other. Now I find out that this part is not available from four different dealers. What would cause a company to do such a thing as discontinue a vital part of the steering and transmission connection. Basically ruining a very potentially reliable mower. Give me my parts and I'll be a Cadet fan forever. Don't and I will be done with Cadet for good.

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                        Mar 17, 2019

                        Cub Cadet — 50" lawn tractor

                        After safety checking over my Cub Cadet XT1 LT50 (50") 24HP Kohler lawn tractor on March 4, 2019, I started...

                        Cub Cadetcub cadet

                        Purchased a cub cadet 750 challenger eps...Because of it not having a back window with it, it pulls mud and slop into the cab all over riders and the front windshield...We bought this to avoid getting covered with mud on the 4 wheelers... The back window costs $350!!!
                        I cant afford that after having the new payment now...I would rather have had the rear window over the winch even...

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                          Cub Cadet — riding mower will not start

                          I purchased a Cub Cadet from TSC in the summer. I kept it stored in my garage and it would not start the...

                          Cub Cadetxt2

                          my xt2 is less than a year old and has failed to start. it has been in the shop from july 24th 2018 to present waiting on parts. mean while I am still making payments on a barely used product 25 hours on meter.
                          I would like to return this product for a refund.
                          I am not happy at all with this products reliability.
                          the product is at Jerries outdoor equipment smithville mo. I purchased this product from halferty`s equipment in smithville mo. (out of business now)
                          model 14b7a3ca010 gx54 fab, dom 09/20/2016, s/n1l146h20214.

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