Crunch Fitnesspromised refund which never happened. I have emails as proof

I was a member of crunch fitness in Woodbridge nj for a long time. I contacted manager jose from this location because unfortunately, I was injured and just had major back surgery. He promised me he would cancel my membership (which he finally did after almost 5 months of emails back and forth) I was promised by this manager he would refund me one monthly fee and one yearly fee, since he promised to cancel my membership for so long, I was charged a yearly fee. I have emails going back and forth with this manager and promised refund and will gladly supply all emails to whomever needs to see them. I just had surgery and do NOT need this aggravation. This manager is horrible. He continues to promise me my refunds and never does. Enough is enough. I have emails for proof and will be contacting the BBB. This is so extreme unprofessional and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. I will not stop until everyone knows what lieing thief's this company is. Makes me sick how they handle their customer service. I Want MY REFUND THAT WAS PROMISED TO ME. The manager Jose even has read back my credit card number, so he knows where to send it but refuses to do it after he promised for almost 5 months. Disgusting absolutely disgusting. Preying on injured and disabled people this way is wrong and i will make sure everyone knows how they treat their customers.

Oct 11, 2019

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