Crunch Fitnessovercharged

M Aug 17, 2018

I signed my daughter up In February for the $9.95 membership, they have been charging me for a more expensive membership 21.45. Then I was billed twice this month with $15 late fees attached. I called yesterday to cancel my membership before they processed the payment that was billed to me today . I was told that I had to come in to cancel my membership to stop the payment from going through. But I was at work all day yesterday and all afternoon today . While I was at work the payment processed with late fees and I was told the payment stands even though I had tried to take care of this issue yesterday!! So I've been over charged since February, my daughter only went to the gym two times. Candace the manager at the store was completely rude and was of no help. Also there was a gentleman right behind me waiting to see a manager for the same exact reason... so I'm NOT the only one who was taken advantage of!!!

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