Crunch Fitness, CA, El Cajon Parkwayfraudulent billing!

A Sep 06, 2018 Review updated:

I signed up with your gym at CA, el cajon, Parkway. ID: SD049471 for a 1 month membership. I told the employee that I don't want recurring billing, I don't want automatic renewal, and I don't want my debit card saved int their records. I just wanted a 1 month membership that I might or might not renew. and she assured me that I will be paying MANUALLY, or the membership will be canceled.
After 1 month, I stopped going to the gym because I'm going through a bad financial situation and can't afford it.
Then, when I checked my bank account this month I realized that the gym was billing me monthly, without my knowledge, or permission. I received no mail or email or billing notification of any sort, they've just been quietly draining the membership feee from my bank account and I only found out about it because they too a $66 fee this month that caused my account to overdraft and suffer $35 overdraft fee!!!
I sent 2 emails to them through your website, demanding a refund and canceling the membership, but no one answered!
I went to the gym today and they basically told me that "it's your fault for signing up with us in the first place" and she threatened that unless I sign more papers to cancel the membership then she will keep billing me!!!
I contacted your billing department by phone, and she repeated the same thing, telling me that it's my fault, I will keep getting billed for a membership I don't want and I don't use, I should expect no refund, she will not cancel my membership, and that I must go back to the gym to sign those papers or they will keep billing me!!!
So, basically, once you show Crunch your card, that's it? They will continue to prey on it?
That membership was supposed to be paid for manually. My debit card should not have been stored and I specifically told them that.
I want the membership canceled.
And I want the unjust fees they charged me refunded ($21.95 + $66.90).
And I have contacted my bank to stop any future billing.


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      Sep 06, 2018

    so your fault that they will bill you for service/membership not used ?
    would contact the better business bureau
    would also contact your bank and have any future payments stopped

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