Cricket Wirelessdifficult to work with


Although i've been with cricket for two years this month, i'm at a point now where I am really starting to hate their service. For one, unlike any of their other competitors in the mobile phone services industry, cricket's service coverage really sucks. I understand that they are mainly based in metropolitan areas, but i've had so many times where I have had calls drop or my signal strength just vanishes that i've lost count. I get tired of talking to family and being told that they cannot hear me, and it sounds like i'm really far away. And this is well within their coverage area, no less. I wish cricket would address that problem, but they've yet to act on that for the last several years.

Second, trying to get in touch with a live human being instead of an automated machine is a nightmare. Even when I cave in and go to one of their corporate offices, there have been times where I have waited longer than I normally do at the dmv here in colorado springs! All for a simple question about something on my bill or in my service package, and often their people have been rude to me with just the tone in their voice!

Last but not least... Bill payment. While it's easy to do through their website, god help you if you don't have any money at all to give them for your bill when that comes around.In my case, this entire last month was a nightmare as far as my finances are concerned. I contacted cricket twice about this matter, and asked them if they could please keep my phone on until at least the 13th (Which would be tomorrow). I patiently explained that I would not have the money for even a bridge pay - all of my money on my last check went towards rent, and my pay dates had been bumped way up. I explained that I needed to have my phone on in case of a family emergency, work and my internship with the sheriff's office. Their response? If I can pay $20, they'll keep my phone on for an extra whopping seven days. How come it is that every other phone company besides cricket will work with you if you won't have any money for at least a two week period, but with cricket, it's either cough up at least $20 or forget about phone service?

Overall, my experience with cricket has been extremely frustrating. I would not be one bit surprised if this company goes bottom up because of how it's ran and what their policies are.In the near future, i'm bailing and going on with sprint. At least they're willing to work with you to a good extent if you end up having to pay your bill late. Cricket just fails at everything.

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