Cricket Wirelessbad phone service lost singles had 2 buy 2 extra phones because of poor products rude support tech&s

i have three now my 2 teen-agers needed phones which i bought, less than 1 month i had 2 buy another1 45.00 they credit me 35.00 . once more three my other kid, phone problems, i complaned they charged me 10.00 at the cricket store .now im lossing singles, drop-calls, no signal, lost-calls .rude support tech .passed from tech 2tech .now i have 3 lines which may or may-not deals cheap service.


  • Ta
    tai_1 Mar 05, 2010

    I definitely agree i cant even believe a company would hire so many rude techs, its bad enough the services are bad!!! Being transferred all over the place, having to explain the same problem to every representative, and keeping fingers crossed for phone to act right! ugh!

    Tai, ([email protected])

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  • Ba
    babo0s17 Jun 16, 2010

    Damn Maybe you guys should get well inform and stop being lil pussies! Cricket Has great Service is now Nationwide coverage and its now even better than Tmobile...Maybe if you didnt keep buying the cheapest phone and get something better u wouldnt be [censor]ing aboutit seriiously!

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