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Cricket Broadbandit sucks

What a waste of money, cant watch youtube due to the buffering. Its all about the money to these people. I was better off with comcast and they are a rip-off too.


  • Cr
    cricket rep May 28, 2009

    i am a cricket rep and yes sadly every thing is true in fact tech support is told it does not matter if we fix service as long as you keep the costomer quite and paying. i am very sorry for all these people that i know are getting screwed.

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  • Br
    brentdaniels Oct 23, 2009

    Very upset with cricket so called broadband internet. Too many complaints to list. I DO NOT suggest this service to anyone unless you have money to waist.

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  • Ar
    artelf2xs Jul 21, 2010
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    It is Slow, Quirky, the software for Mac trashed my system speed, however the Mac configured itself to use this without the crappy software after it launched once... you cannot get the password to log on to crickets website via the mac software... and they will not help you.. you have to do it on a PC just to get the password.
    Often the speed is less then dial up due to activity.
    Oh, yea one more thing... If you are a day late paying your monthly bill they hit you with a ten dollar late fee and extra 40 mouthy fee so it cost 90 bucks...

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  • Ag
    agogodaddyo Aug 29, 2010

    Cricket it THE WORST service in the world. I suggest anyone that has Cricket Broadband call and get a FULL REFUND from the first day you paid. I am in Salt Lake City and I should get at least 700k speeds. I get 25k to 80k. THAT IS TERRIBLE. Cricket Broadband sucks. I hate Cricket Broadband. I will never use Cricket again for anything. When I try to call the local store, or the local corporate store, they NEVER answer and when I go there and ask why they don't answer thay say they are too busy to get the phones. I intend to go to the corporate office in SLC on Monday and demand a full refund.

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  • Qt
    QtWit_DaBooTy Sep 04, 2010

    CRICKET SUCKS!!! I can't believe they call it "Broadband", we called customer service and said we capped out our data usage! WTF!?!? Also the INDIAN told us that we would have known if we read the contract. What contract!?!?!? Isn't what that company is all about "NO CONTRACT'???? [censor] CRICKET, switchin back to AT&T!!

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  • Du
    dudeyeah Sep 14, 2010

    Cricket Sucks. If want to watch videos or listen to music, forget about it. Even browsing on static pages can take a while. Don't buy this piece of [censor]. It's a total waste and a rip off.

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  • Wr
    WrathII Jan 30, 2011

    Worst internet service in the world. Outsourced customer service to India, can barely speak English. 5gb cap, and everything you do online goes toward that cap, not just videos and downloads. Cricket reps hate babies, kittens, and everything virtuous and beautiful. They worship Satan and sacrifice virgins. They also hate America, even more than the Taliban. In fact, I believe they are the Taliban.

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