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Creative Home Arts Club - membership

I too had joined this club in 2002. I paid for the LIFE membership that was very expensive. I had figured I would be a crafting forever so it was worth it in the long run. Several years ago I stopped getting the magazine and called the company to see WHY I had stopped the magazine and the customer service person I talked to had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Life with a small child continued and I went month by month waiting for magazines to show. Of course they never did! I found a paper since from 2007 where I had done a product test for them!! It was rare to be chosen for them at the time. It's just sad that the company disappeared without rhyme or reason!! They really should be responsible for some sort of compensation!!!

Creative Home Arts Club - fraud - does not exist

I joined the Creative Home Arts Club as a Lifetime Member in 2007. I even have a "membership card"...LOL! I stopped receiving the magazine and any products long before this complaint filing. I paid...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Creative Home Arts Club - broken promises

Paid almost 400 USD for a lifetime membership which was to include a magazine subscription, chances for giveaways, contests and reduced prices for crafting supplies.The original Home Arts magazine went under they began sending a scrapbooking magazine, then after a year the company tried to charge me for the subscription.Called Creative Home Arts Club they sent a different magazine this time quarterly.Now I receive nothing and the website where members were waiting to hear news about our club is "down for repairs" which I believe means they are just stopping all contact.You can't even get anything on the phone except a busy signal. address is Creative Home Arts Club P.O.Box3526 Minnetonka, MN 55343 phone [protected]

my lifetime membership # is10136372 I also stop getting the magazine I moved and got magazines and they stopped awhile ago
we should get all our money back this is bull ### what they did to us
my name is Glenda LaPere
612 Regatta ave
Brooklyn Park Maryland

I purchased my lifetime membership sometime before 2006 and my number is100489758. My name is Jeanet McCoy, I received my membership kit and my magazines but stopped receiving them in December 2013. That is after they changed them from monthly to quarterly and from arts and craft to keepsakes. I am very disappointed as I told them I was a retired widow and could not afford the &400 + that they charged but they assured me that it was worth the money now I can't reach anyone and no or any thing. Oh yes they said I can get things by going to some place called I think "thing & things" on the internet but I have never been able to access that site. I do wish to file a complaint against this company if possible.

I experienced the same. Life Member since 5/2008 -- what happened?

Same here. I paid the full membership and joined the life membership in May 2008. Got a few membership gifts and a magazine for a while then it stopped. Now that I am retired, I am looking forward to my membership, and it is now November 2016. Nothing but error messages when I go to the website. I have my membership welcome kit. Where are the benefits?

On May 5th, 2011 I paid $150.00 for a life time membership. As of today March 24, 2016 I haven't heard a word from you...I need to know Why!! Thank you Lisa A Smith...Danville Vermont.

Hello! I experienced the very same thing!! I did receive an email from them, after several attempts to reach them. I am quite aggravated at the total disregard for my membership and benefits and the lack of communication!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Creative Home Arts Club - repeated unwanted merchandise, bills. calls

I can't get rid of these guys! I quit the club a couple years ago because it was so lame - they called me at least 5 times to renew my membership, which I refused every time. They finally stopped calling (I hope), but several weeks ago I received a "Craft Traditions" hardcover book (only $24.99 + $4.99 shipping) and a separate letter with a couple cheap tags or something saying they knew I would do the "right" thing and renew my membership after receiving these "free" gifts & knowing all they offer. (I opted out of the "book club" very quickly when my membership was still active) I immediately sent the book back with "merchandise refused" & "package refused" in big bold black letters on the box. So now I get a bill for $29.98 - the attached letter says " most of the Creative Home Arts Club Members have gotten back to me, but our records show we have not heard from you". I don't think so! I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau - this is ridiculous!

I know what you mean. I quit their "book club" after receiving a few books (which were paid for). They continued to send books to me and I immediately sent them back to them. My postman waited for me to write "Return to Sender" and "Refused" on the box. I finally was able to talk to someone there and thought I had everything taken care of. Nope! Today I received a bill from a collection agency tell me I owe them $95.94!!! I am going to contact the BBB and report them. Now I have to contact this collection agency and hopefully get things settled. We'll see how long it takes for this to get taken care of.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Creative Home Arts Club - fraud

I joined this creative home arts club because I love to do crafting. I would get monthly magazines, free gifts, and products to try and keep free. For $1.00 I would get $24.00 credit for my LIFE...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Creative Home Arts Club - invoice for service not ordered

I receive an invoices for a Life Time Membership. magazine and books. I never ordered, received or requested any of these services. I am concerned that a company can obtain your personal...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Creative Home Arts Club - canceling membership repeatedly

I'll write back if my efforts work. I have attempted to cancel membership four times through phone call to their membership services phone number (they now have one and it's not difficult to get...

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Creative Home Arts Club - not as advertised

I get ad in the mail that if I respond in 10 days I get the first issue of the magazine and 3 free gifts. I sent in my card and quickly received a bill; I did not pay, I was waiting for my first issue to see if this is something to invest in. I finally received a large envelope with my free very small purple gift bag and another bill, I'll get the other stuff upon payment. It's only a dollar per month but they want $24.00 at a time. Now all of a sudden there are conditions to meet to get the free things that I was suppose to get. They aren't getting any money from me, it isn't hard to tell this is more of a plan for them to get rich than do something fun for me. If I can't sample the program first then they don't get any money first; and billing people for 2 years before trying is a total rip off. Someone needs to shut these people down.

Same thing happened to me with the Creative Home Arts Club...The only thing "creative" about the club was the way they scammed me out of a Lifetime Membership. I guess it was their lifetime and not mine.

i have been trying to contact them for months. I am a life member but cannot access my account. They dont reply to any of my e-mail. Whatever you do dont join.

Same with me. For a while the website kept telling me they couldn't access my account and I should try later. I just wanted to see if I was still considered a member. Then I sent numerous e-mails complaining that I'd heard nothing from them in months and couldn't remember the last time I received their magazine. I never got any response. Today I tried to access the website and find it no longer exists. Its a shame. I worked hard for that money!

They do not stand behind anything they advertise, yes i received 1 project to test, what a joke, you could have bought it at a Dollar Store, and yes i got caught up in the Lifetime Membership, some membership, they don't do anything but take your money, send you a couple of bags, and then you never here from them again, I think the BBC should shut them down, and reimburse all their Lifetime Members... Is there anything that can be done? I sure would back anyone who would get things going to get our money back.

May 05, 2009

they did that to me too. we are going to call tomorrow and talk if we even get thorough. But anyone and everyone, its a SCAM !! they are milking people out.
I didnt ask for any magazine subscription either. now they send me another. I think they are crazy!! why are these people still here and why isnt somebody shutting them down with all the complaints against them. HARRASSING us for money!! for things that we didnt ask.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Creative Home Arts Club - demanding payment for membership?

I recieved a magazine that I did not subscribe to... Creative home arts magazine. They have sent me three reminders to pay my dues or I would be "shut - off, in fairness to active dues - paying...

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Feb 28, 2008

Creative Home Arts Club - "cancelled" past due account

I cancelled this membership after receiving only 3 -4 issues of this magazine. I was not impressed with the magazine and all it had to offer. I have emailed the magazine with this info. And hope to settle this. I will not pay for something I cancelled!

Cancelled membership # [protected]

Apr 16, 2008

I received another collection notice from RMCB stating that I owe $308.00 for a Creative Home Arts Club membership that I cancelled (as I stated in my previous complaint)! Please...someone...anyone help me out!!! I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING I CANCELLED 1-2 YEARS AGO! This is very stressful. I thought this had been taken care of...???? I consider this harassment and it had better NOT affect my credit status!!

Dec 15, 2007

Creative Home Arts Club - contact information!

After some online research about this company, I have learned that the Creative Home Arts Club is owned by North American Membership Group, which owns several similar clubs. Find out which ones at...

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Dec 15, 2007

Creative Home Arts Club - lifetime membership harassment!

I have repeatedly declined the Lifetime Membership offer both by mail (at least 7 times) and once by telephone (they called me - it is not possible to reach this company by telephone or through the web site; 'contact us' brings you to a 'free membership' offer). This company is predatory in their pursuit of your money!

And Membership Benefits (specifically "Register to test and keep FREE arts and crafts products") are available only with additional purchases! The magazine itself is not bad if you don't mind being harassed to send the company hundreds of dollars for benefits you may not qualify for, at only $24 for 2 years. Other than this, DISCARD OR RECYCLE anything you receive from them!!!

Well, I visited this web site and found some of the projects interesting and signed up for the free trial membership. At the end of the trial I was offered a one-year membership for $12 instead of the normal $24 and I accepted it. I actually contacted the web site before accepting the membership and didn't have any trouble. My only complaint is that I missed one of the magazines but I emailed them and received a prompt response and a replaced magazine. I have never received anything from any north american media group. I can't help but wonder if perhaps that group obtained your information from some other crafting website.

So far I don't have any complaints. Hope it continues. Mary

Mar 18, 2008

Yes, this company is a SCAM!!!

I have gotten harrassing phone calls from them. Next call gets a Police whistle blown in their ear.

And I am getting ready to notify the BBB.

Mar 14, 2008

Hey I strongly agree with you. I received the exact letter. I call it a nice nasty letter. I went to this site, and they connected me with this so called club. They did allow me to cancel the membership I supposed to have accepted. This was after I mentioned the BBB and calling the credit bureau about the scam. They cancelled me and told me to disregard the letter and future invoices. I was really nervious about this.

Dec 08, 2007

Creative Home Arts Club - unfair request for payment!

I received a book from this company. The invoice clearly states, "If you do not want this, SIMPLY use enclosed label, and send back, and you will not be billed". I received my third and "final"...

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Oct 17, 2007

Creative Home Arts Club - unwanted membership!

Creative Home Arts Club - I just received a notice from this company saying I have a 24 month membership with them and that I owe $24.00 for it. I never applied...

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Sep 24, 2007

Creative Home Arts Club - harassment!

I joined Creative Home Arts Club in March 2005 through the mail. A payment for full year membership was paid at that time. I did not receive all magazine issues guaranteed to me for the year but...

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