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Creative Home Arts Club reviews & complaints

Creative Home Arts Club complaints 96

Creative Home Arts Club - Creative home arts club lifetime membership $360!

"Me Too, " I paid $360 for both clubs they were offering. I still keep my Lifetime Membership Card in my wallet. Lifetime Membership #: [protected] Member since: 01/2007. I received my "Welcome Package...

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Creative Home Arts Club - Company forgot about me

I joined this club in 2008 was good until I moved and never heard from you again got sick and it has been a long time to get back to where I am to day. My life member number [protected], so whats up? There is so much I would like to do. I want to starts doing crafts. I lost so much when I mover my old place burnt down and lost some stuff but the before I could get it all. The problem is I never heard from anyone even thought I got a change of address. So please answer me as soon a you can. New address is 615 silver street, kingman, arizona, 86401, new email address is [protected] new phone number is [protected], I hope I hear from you

Desired outcome: Just an answer


Creative Home Arts Club - Life Member?? What the heck!!

I joined the Creative Home Arts Club as a Life Member back in May of 2005 member number [protected] Paid around $300.00 plus for the membership. Everything was great in the beginning. Magazines was coming i was getting all kind of information until something…. scrap booking only! REALLY! Then everything stopped just like that. I didn't get ANYTHING at all. I just found my member card because we move and had stuff in storage for a couple of years and now i want to see what's going on and I can't even log onto the site. I realize things change over the years, but a Life Member should mean just that! A Life member. They should be required to refund membership fee's since obviously it's not a lifetime membership. I'm still here and we'll they are not. How is that fair!

Desired outcome: Money back


Creative Home Arts Club - Lifetime Membership

I too paid for lifetime membership in August of 2008 My Acct # is [protected] I received one shipment with a cutting board, bag with my name and a tracer tool. That was the end of the products. It seems that they went of business so unlikely to refund anything. Just think at least some kind of notice should have been sent. I was a low income person and this seemed like a way to be able to affordably make gifts or even items to sell. It was an expense that I certainly couldn't afford to throw away.

Desired outcome: Letter of explanation

Creative Home Arts Club - Life Membership to Creative Home Arts Club

I purchased the lifetime membership in May 2002. I payed my life membership in one payment. for about 2 yr there were products mailed to me to try, then they stopped. I just run across my member ship card. (Charter member [protected]. I found out the company no longer exists! I'm so disappointed. I'm providing my email in case anyone ever finds out more about this. I would love a refund, but that is probably impossible.
[protected] [protected]

Just found my life time membership since 2008. So what happened to all the great promises.
Hoping something will be resolved regarding a website etc. The company had all the addresses and could of sent something in writing and at least apologize, and parting gift.

Actually putmy glasses on 2006 on card

Creative Home Arts Club - life time membership

I paid a lot of money to become a life time member and once I become a life time member It was like, okay we have her money will send her a membership card and everything will be ok
Member since 2009
received magazines on scrap booking which I care nothing about
So what happen, you take everyone's money and didn't even say good bye
It is people like you that make people like me and the others that paid their good money to not trust clubs that offer things for the crafts that we do


Creative Home Arts Club - Creative home arts craft club

I purchased the lifetime membership in 2003 and made installment payments for a total of $336. Maybe a year or two later, my personal life got crazy and I suspended shipments of everything because I was moving a lot and dealing with everything. Of course, after a few years of dealing with that, I totally forgot about my membership. Years later I ran across my membership paperwork, but wasn't in a position to take advantage of it and thought, "hey, I've got a lifetime membership... I will have time for this when I retire." Well I retired a few months ago and decided to see what I needed to do to reactivate my account. Then I found out the company no longer exists! I'm so disappointed. I'm providing my email in case anyone ever finds out more about this. I would love a refund, but that is probably impossible. Would have preferred to receive my membership benefits now that I can take advantage of them! [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund

Creative Home Arts Club - So called lifetime membership

I became a life member back in 2004. I did not mind the magazines had changed to book scrapping. There was no notice they would stop sending. I just happened to notice a magnet I have from them and remembered it has been several years since I received anything from them. It does matter to me if I receive a refund or not. I just wish to have an explanation as to why the magazines stopped and why no one was notified of this.

Desired outcome: An explanation. I do not care if I receive a refund or not, explain why everything suddenly stopped


Creative Home Arts Club - Ceassation of Membership

I am complaining about the Creative Home Arts Club cessation of providing the membership with the services promised when I joined. The club was wonderful when I first joined and then they stopped publishing their Home Arts magazine and started focusing on scrap-booking. I don't scrap-book so I stopped using their website. When I checked it today I find that they are apparently out of business. I feel that I should be reimbursed for at least part of my membership fees.
I joined the Creative Home Arts Club in June of 2003. I paid $340.00 + for my membership. Membership#[protected]

Desired outcome: Refund of a portion of my membership fee

Creative Home Arts Club - Lifetime membership

I feel the need to join this page because I also paid for a life membership in August 2002. I was a relatively newly married young mom with a 2 and a half year old baby waiting for my second child to be born so we didn't have a lot of fun money for me to be spending on this. But, I figured "lifetime" access to this club would be perfect for when I finally had some free time to be crafty. Then, like so many of the other complaints about this company, the magazines just stopped! I think it's only right that they offer each of us a refund for our memberships. I know I want one. My member number is [protected]. Make this right.

Desired outcome: Refund for lifetime membership

Creative Home Arts Club - Life Membership

I became a Life Member 03/2006. I enjoyed the magazines and the craft projects I received for a while then they suddenly stopped! Despite trying to contact the company to find out what had happened to my membership I got no response and the large amt of money I had paid for my Life Membership was wasted! I still have my membership card - my Life Membership # is [protected]. I feel a refund is due to me and many others for what we got charged and then denied by this company!

Desired outcome: Refund of Lifetime Membership fee

Apr 07, 2021

Creative Home Arts Club - Life membership

I bought a life membership with Creative Home Arts Club in October of 2007. It's ironic that the folder has a quote from a "satisfied customer", "With Life Membership you get all that was promised." I didn't get anything that was promised beyond the bags, pin, and other small items that were my free gifts with life membership. This was a lot of money and I would like a refund.

Desired outcome: I would like to participate in any opportunity to be refunded for my life membership fees.

Apr 07, 2021

Creative Home Arts Club - Life time membership

Haven't received any magazines or kits for years. Do I get a refund? Just found my paperwork and realized I haven't heard anything from this company for years. I would like to get the magazines or refund. I really enjoyed these kits and magazines, it would be nice to enjoy them again. If not, I would like to get a refund. Is this company gone out of business?
Please help!
Thank you

Desired outcome: Refund

Creative Home Arts Club - Life Membership

I paid for a life membership to the club and received my confirmation letter dated July 17th 2009. Membership #[protected]. I received the welcome gifts and was receiving the magazine, which I loved. Then everything stopped. I feel that people who paid for their lifetime memberships should be reimbursed. It's not right that we are charged for a Lifetime membership and in my case this 'lifetime' was less than 10 years. Email - [protected] Phone - [protected] Website -

Desired outcome: Refund of membership fees paid

Creative Home Arts Club - Club life membership

In 2004, I paid $380 to become a lifetime member of this art club. I received magazines at first and received a couple art items and the nothing ever again. I called them once and someone answered and said I had changed my address. Furthermore, I said NO I have not changed my address. They took down my name and address and said they would fix it and I never heard from them again. And never received anything from them again. Nor did they tell me they were going out of business or anything. I want a refund!

Desired outcome: They need consequences for stealing money from people


Creative Home Arts Club - Lifetime Membership

I became a lifetime of the Creative Home Arts Club in July 2008. At first I was receiving my magazines and a few of the things that were promised with the lifetime membership. Then, without warning they went to scrapbooking only. I'm not a scrapbooking type of person. I joined because there was supposed to be different type of art projects that seemed really interesting. I would really like to know what happened to them and if there's any way of getting some type of compensation from the.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000. It's very hard for me to get out of the house and do the regular things. I was really looking forward to different art projects to keep myself occupied.

Creative Home Arts Club - Unethical behavior

I have not recieved any contact, newletters, emails, magazine or anything from this company since 2004. I have been a member since May, 2003. I also paid for a lifetime membership. I am too a quote " Charter Lifetime Member of the Creative Home Arts Membership Club. My Member # is [protected] as noted on my card. My previous name has since changed. However my updated last name and current address is include in this complaint.

The address and phone are listed on the back of my membership card is noted as follows:

Creative Home Arts Club
Address: 12301 Whitewater Drive, Minetonka, MN 55343
Phone: [protected]

I am requesting a full refund of my money. I would appreciate any updates that is available on this company's whereabouts and their products and serives. Thank you

Desired outcome: I am requesting a full refund of my membership fee

Feb 14, 2021

Creative Home Arts Club - Lifetime Membership????

It would have been nice if Creative Home Arts Club had been polite to it many members and not "ghosted" us. There was no communication or explanation for why they simply disappeared. From what I can tell they made a pretty good amount of money from us and moved to their new retirement home on some tropical island.

What can we do? I did send an email many years ago and even called to find out what happened. I got no response to either. There must be something we can do to recoup some of our loss.

That $340 was a lot of money back then and I thought it might be worth it if it truly was a "lifetime" membership. I loved the magazines for the couple of yrs. I received them until they became the scrapbooking magazine. That was not my interest and I gave away most of them...if I could. Then even those stopped too. Many promises made to draw you in and little in return. Even the products we were supposed to "test" and give feedback about only amounted to two products instead of the monthly or bi-monthly promise.

I am mad all over again about how they took advantage and lied to all of us!

Creative Home Arts Club - Lifetime membership

I too have a lifetime membership. I have since not received anything or any information. I would like to be in on any recovery process for my membership cost. Very disappointing that a company such as this would do this to their members. I remember when they first made the lifetime membership and I thought this company would be around for a long time as we the members enjoyed all the perks and information we received regarding the crafts we like the best. They were great and informative for a while and then nothing more.

Desired outcome: reimbursement

Creative Home Arts Club - Lifetime Membership

I purchased a ‘so called' Lifetime Membership with Creative Home Arts because I love crafts and wanted to be connected to craft supplies and tutorial as well as all they offered for the lifetime membership fees.
I had forgotten about this company because it's been several years since I last received a magazine or any other product.
However, I was reminded about it today when I got a tote out with my knitting needles. It was one they sent me. It has their logo embroidered on it.
Since I'm still alive, I should still be receiving the promised products. If not, I expect a refund.

Desired outcome: Refund

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