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Lifetime Membership

Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello, My name is Lu-Ann Monterville I paid $300 for a lifetime membership back in 10/2009. I stopped receiving magazines and products to test a long time ago. Everytime I tried to login the site and it says it no longer exists. I feel I should get a refund back on my membership. My membership # is [protected].

lifetime membership

16043 I became a member on 05/07 and paid $380 for my membership and I'm unable to access the website, and my benefits for quite some time now. I am asking for a refund of my money...

I paid for a lifetime membership july 2,2008.

I paid for my lifetime membership in 2008. I did receive a few free gifts from the company and they would send books every month if you wanted to buy them or send them back. After awhile I stopped receiving things. I was ill and injured and spent several months in bed and soon forgot about the club. If the club closed I think that I should have received a letter explaining why I was not receiving anything anymore and I thing my money should have been refunded to me. if you need my membership number it is [protected]. Please explaine what happened to my account. If you need my address you can email me at [protected] There is no category that matches with crafts so I choose Arts

life membership

I paid $300 for a life time membership and I never heard another thing from them. I have my card that states I'm a lifetime memory since 08/2005. What happened? I'm an avid crafter and that was why I joined Creative Home Arts club, but I am really disappointed with what happened. I don't know what to expect but something needs to be done, to correct this.

life membership

I still have my life membership card, which states that I became a life member on 7/2006..
As soon as they received my $300 lifetime membership fee, I quit receiving my magazines, and everything else the life membership entailed.. Which was periodic craft supplies, etc..
I want to be fully refunded now, as they led me to believe I was purchasing a lifetime of craft ideas and magazines with ideas and supplies that help us be creative..
Thank you,
Malia Bafford

life membership

creative home arts club

I am a Life Member and paid the $300 in 2005. I have not received my magazine or any correspondence since then. I did receive my kit but that is all. I would like my $300 refunded...

lifetime membership

I joined the life member ship in June of 2009, I have not heard anything from this company in years. I would like my money back since they are not doing anything for me. I was very excited about this membership and was afraid I was not going to be able to afford it. I used my Social Security disability to pay for it. I am very disappointed that they have not contacted me in several years. My member number is [protected], Judy Hlad.

magazine delivery

I have been a lifetime member for a very long time. I don't recall receiving a magazine for quite some time now. Since I relocated a year ago, if that is the problem, I will happily send you my updated address.
To prove legitimacy, if you could please send me an email to which I can respond, it would be much appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Thank you,
Pam Quackenbush

no site to go to

I have been a member since 2008 I am a life time member. What is going on? There's no site to go to anymore! I paid a lot to become a life member, I'm also a life member of garden...

lifetime membership

I paid for a Lifetime Membership and have been a Charter Member since 2005. I paid around $300 for the Membership. The number is RESV A171065. I received the magazine which wa...


16043 I also am a life time member paid $300.00 for it back maybe 2006 I believe, , I received garden tools and a bag with my name on it that was it nothing else no magazines no...


I have been a lifetime member since 2005. After paying my membership I have not received anything from the company. When you try to contact the company by website and phone. You...


I've been a member since 2007, I too paid the company full price for Lifetime Membership, like all of you, I was appalled on how I was treated after paying the $350.00 membership...

lifetime membership, don't receive anything

I signed up as a lifetime member and shortly after I signed up and paid I stopped receiving anything. I don't get the magazine or any else. Have tried to go online and get no where. I think I should be refunded my money since I paid for something I am not receiving and have not received. Did enjoy but now wish I would of never spent the money. My member number is [protected] 7.

lifetime member

I joined the Creative Home Arts Club as a Life Time Member back in November, 2006. After I had paid approx. $350.00 for membership and reached Life Time Member status, I have not...

lifetime membership

I paid for a lifetime membership and received a few magazines then nothing. Did they go out of business along with their cooking club and gardening club? I was a lifetime member...

club membership

Just like everyone else, I paid $300+ to join this "lifetime" membership in September 2006. I received a couple of items, but not much! Certainly not $300 worth. I came across my membership card recently and sparked my memory that I haven't received anything from them in years. Now, no website, phone disconnected, etc. Where did they go with our money? What can we do about it? What a rip off!

lifetime membership I guess means the lifetime of the company only

I would like a refund for the lifetime membership fee I paid but realize that probably won't happen. I am updating information in my computer on accounts I have and imagine my surprise when I tried to go their website. If a refund was made to members I guess they missed mine. I tried the phone numbers show here and neither is a good number. Does anyone know if there is some sort of compensation due to those that paid for the lifetime membership?

creative home arts club lifetime membership

In October of 2007 I joined the above club for a lifetime membership for $300.00. At first I received a magazine and and other promotional materials, then just the magazine and...

lifetime membership

I joined Creative Home arts club in 06 and paid the lifetime fee. I have not heard anything from them in years. I received a small kit to do and report on once. I use to get a...

services not rendered.

I was a life member of Creative Home Arts Club, I paid $300.00 to join and I never received all of the totes that they promised and after so long I quit receiving the magazine and also any literature that they sent out. I first was told that they were changing the magazine then they stopped sending the magazine all together. I was very disappointed when things went wrong, because I did enjoy the information that I recieved and also the crafts.

magazine and craft kits haven't come in years.

16043 I am Jori R Boeckman #[protected] member since 11/2006. I have paid all my fees/dues and they just up and stopped sending. I should get my lifetime cost back if they cannot honor my...

missing my magazines and other materials

I have been a life member of this club since 2002 and have not received anything in a long time. My member ship number is [protected]. Why am I not receiving any benefits. I used to get a magazine, test kit offers and product giveaways. Calendars, patterns, and other informational things about group meetings or board decisions. Now nothing. The same thing has happened with other club memberships that were headquarter in the same area of Minnesota. The Cooking Club of America and the National Home Gardening Club. I have life membership to all. Please forward me any information to has the status of all three groups. Thank you for your assistance.

Karen Sweeting
56 Clinton Street
Seneca Falls NY 13148

life membership

I joined Creative Home Arts Club in February of 2003 and was a "Charter Member, " also a "Life Member." Included in the Life Membership was a monthly magazine and craft ideas or...

life member benefits

16043 January 25, 2018 Life Member # [protected] Received a post card, I'm sure quite a few months ago, and coming across it realized that I hadn't receive anything for awhile. Post card...


I joined the Creative Home Art Club in 2005 and have never received anything from the club. You had no problem taking my money. I contacted you of my change of address and...

lifetime membership

I started my lifetime membership in 2003. My member number is [protected]. I thought it would be well worth the $300 + I spent since I would get monthly magazines and free product...

what the heck happened?

I joined the Creative Home Arts Club as a Life Member back in Sept. of 2004, member number [protected]. Paid $340.00 plus for the membership. Everything was fine in the beginning...

life member

16043 My name is Teresa Dunlap my Charter Member# RESV A350820 Member No: [protected] pd $336.00 for Life Member Fee in 11/8/04 I never have received anything from this company no...

does this still exist?

I paid for a lifetime membership in 2004 or 2005 (my initial membership was March 25, 2004). I did receive the magazine and received several books. I did get to try new products. Then, everything stopped. I sort of forgot all about it until just now while rooting through my files for something. I went searching online and see all the other similar complaints. I am shocked to think this was a scam since they did provide the products for a while. However, if they are going to change gears and go only scrapbooking or completely stop altogether, there should have been a letter sent out and some reimbursement.
Anyone else have any luck getting a response?

paid for a "life membership"

Before my divorce I was Angela Williams -Knapp, now Angela Williams. I paid for a Life Membership, member number #[protected]. I upgraded from member #[protected]. I have not received any magazines or other info in quite sometime. I know my new address was received because I received a couple magazines here. Address is: 8541 Blackberry Ln. E. Jacksonville Florida 32244. I have tried to call but I get a recording saying the number is not in service. I would like to know what happened with my membership and the club. Here is my info: Member #[protected]. Angela Williams, 8541 Blackberry Ln. E. Jacksonville Florida 32244. Phone #[protected]. Email [protected]
Thank you,
Angela Williams

lifetime membership

16043 My card says I’ve been a a member since 3/2003. My Membership number is [protected]. I moved in 2012 & just found my welcome kit tucked away in a closet. I’m the kit I found my...

creative home arts club/ unethical behavior

I have been a Life Time member #[protected] since April of 2007. Membership was #321.00. They started out fine. Even got a few test products and won honorable mention in one of their embroidery contests. I was very disappointed when they changed the magazine to scrap booking only.
I have tried calling but number is disconnected. Neither are they online.
I no longer get the magazine or the test products. I would like a refund of $321.00

customer service/products or lack of products

This was great for the first couple of years I received several items and tested them etc...then after about 3 years it all just stopped. I have called, tried online written...


I purchased a membership for life in 2008 or 2009 have received little from this company and all numbers and web have been disconnected or shut down. I do know that they change...

scam, rip off

I purchased the lifetime membership in spring of 2011 for around $340. It's been so long I do not recall the details. They did send a few things to test and rate however after I rated something very low I never received anything again via mail, email and that was about 3 years ago. I took the chance on paying for a lifetime membership and as with anything it is only as good as the company. I had to take a break away from doing crafts, etc for personal reasons and now I am founding out that they are no longer in business or it appears that they are no longer in business. They could have sent out a mass email to all of us who had emails registered and/or send a letter advising everyone that they were closing. I guess it was too much trouble. I'm sure they seen it coming and didn't want a flood of request for reimbursements, etc. I was hesitant to purchase the lifetime membership and now I'm sure others would agree that they may not join any others.

lifetime membership

Purchased this Lifetime Membership 02/09 have received very little from them. Have recently gotten married and tried to contact them to get a change request done but am not able to get in contact with anyone. Payed way to much for this lifetime membership to not be able to communicate with them or received products promised when I bought this membership.
Member - [protected]

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    Purchased this Lifetime Membership 02/09 have rceived very little communication from them. Have recently tried to contact them about address change and am unable to get in touch with anyone with the information that was provided. Payed way to much money for this Lifetime Membership not to be able to contact them or received any of the promised material from them. I love doing crafts and this is very disappointing. Member 10179956

creative home arts club lifetime membership

I paid $360 for a Lifetime Membership that began in 7/2008. Apparently this Lifetime Membership was not for my lifetime, but the lifetime of Creative Home Arts Club as I have not been able to contact the company in several years. I have attempted to reach them by phone but all phone numbers have been disconnected. Their website is no longer available online. I no longer get the magazines although they are still available for sale. I was never contacted by Creative Home Arts Club to let me know that their benefits would be discontinued. I feel that the owners of the magazine have a responsibility to fulfill the commitment promised by the company they now represent. At the least, they should offer the Lifetime Members their magazine free of charge. If the company filed bankruptcy, they should have been made accountable for the services they promised. At any rate, I would appreciate it if someone would at least contact me to tell me if there is any future with this organization.

life member fraud and scam - not fulfilling promises as advertised

I have been a life member since 7/07 and paid $400 to become that. I was promised all sorts of free gifts which I did receive in my welcome package. They promised that...

lifetime membership

I am member [protected]. I have been a lifetime member since 2005. What a joke. You would think if the company was folding they would notify their members of such and offer a deal...