Craigslistjob incomplete; warranty not honored; abusive language by contractor

D Mar 18, 2020

I purchased vinyl siding installation from David Jesionowski, 52 Route 125 Kingston, NH, [protected], who advertises his services on Craigslist. He left a barrel of his garbage on my property, didn't finish the gutter downspout and faucets, and re-attached the wires to my house with a nail and a piece of scrap vinyl siding; the nail blew off after a day, leaving dangerous dangling wires hanging from my house.

His contract states that the work is warranted, but he refuses to complete the work or fix the wires.

When I contacted him, asking him to fix the wires immediately due to the dangerous situation, he sent me an abusive text in response.

It said:

"Its been 1 day you dont have to be a douche bag READ YOUR CONTRACT. Not responsible for electrical i took pictures that down spout was off not my responsibility so your whining about a spicket which i was gonna fix but since your being a [censored] about it go [censored] yourself no wonder you i ve alone loser"

I contacted BBB to process a complaint; they said that his company is out of business and they cannot help me resolve this matter.

I want other consumers to be aware of these concerns.

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