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I am writing in regards to my recent installation on 10/13/17. I ordered the Gold Bundle online with the ultimate internet speed option. I chose the telephone and internet (no wifi) modem. At the time of the install the tech informed me that this modem could not support the internet speed I selected. I am not sure why I would be allowed to select this option at the time I placed the order without receiving a prompt informing that this did not support my internet selection. Please see attached screen shot to show the modem selection screen. As you can see, there is nothing informing that the modem would not work. The tech informed me that I could purchase a modem that supports the speed I selected for $180 through Cox or I could use the $9.99/month panoramic wifi modem. I already had my own router because it offers better wifi range than the one Cox offers. Because of this I had to go out and purchase my own modem and return the one that the tech allowed me to temporarily use. (he informed that I would have to return it or would be charged the $9.99/month).
I find it to be inconvenient and unacceptable that I was not informed at the time of order placement that the modem I selected does not support the internet speed I selected.. In fact, I do not even think you should be allowed to select the two options together. This caused me to have to spend either $180 on your modem or go out and purchase my own which was $97.99 - a charge I was not anticipating. I will say that the technician I had was great and quite helpful but I am disappointed with the other aspects of my experience with Cox. I now have such a bad taste in my mouth because of this experience that I am not even sure I would like to continue my service.

Cox Communications
Cox Communications

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