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I was told that I would have someone come out and fix my touch screen to my alarm system because it will not respond to touch and I cannot control it unless I have my cell phone. The support technician was not able to successfully reset my touchscreen over the phone, she mentioned something about broadband. But anyway, I was told on the day that I informed COX of this, that she will have someone out on 10/23/2017 between 8 and 9 AM. That was last week. I received a voicemail on 10/22/17 at 6:04pm stating that someone will be out between 5 to 7 PM on 10/23/17. At first thought, I was like “Who in the world comes to someone’s house when it is dark outside”. But I looked it up online and saw that Cox has an option that you can set up an appointment between 5 and 7 PM. So I thought somebody must have legit thought that was a good idea. I get up at 5 PM for work anyway so that was no problem. It’s now 10/23/17 and at 4:27pm, I received a call from the technician himself stating that he was on his way from a town 15 to 20 minutes from me and that he would be here in a few minutes. I had my alarms set for 4:30 pm anyway. So, I got up and got ready because I was still asleep from working a 12 hour shift, you know saving lives and stuff. Then at 5:06pm, I received a call from a Cox 1-800 number stating that she sent her technician to someone else “who had a 3 to 5pm ‘installation appointment’.” I was like “so does that mean one customer is more important than the other” and she stated, “no, it’s just that the other customer had a 3 to 5 PM appointment and yours is 5 to 7 PM”. So she stated that he would not be to my home until after 7 PM because they had some callouts. After 7PM?!? Really? I am an ER/Trauma nurse and if I told my patients/customers that I could not help them with their ailment because we are shortstaffed, I would not have a job. It is not my fault that you are shortstaffed you do what you have to do to service people in a timely manner. It comes with the job so if something happens, then you have to work extra hard to make up for it. When we are shortstaffed, then I’m just going to have to work extra hard to make should I see everyone assigned to me in a timely manner, and help others as well, that is what I signed up for ! I’m tired afterwards but at least I know I did my job! I’m 25 now, I had this concept down pact when I was 16 working in a daycare. Why is good customer service so hard to get?

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    Another technician came well before 7pm and he was pleasant and expeditiously replaced my alarm system and tested my sensors before leaving. I doubt he knew how agitated I was with the lady who called to prolong the appt prior, because he had nothing to do with it but his service is well appreciated!

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