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After searching for academic websites that are finding certain solutions for academic mathematical examples, I found that your web site was one among the cheapest websites as it was offering an amount of 9.95 dollar to be deducted each month. Afterwards. after i filled in all my card details, it deducted an amount of 119 dollars in advance.Needless to say that it was not mentioned that the website will deduct the whole amount in advance, and the information provided via the terms of payment is away deceiving for the clients as it deducted the whole amount without neither providing me with the correct amount to be deducted, nor does it gave an opportunity to provide me with criteria, or terms of payment ''as I was planning to have only 3month membership. what i really need right now is to completely refund my amount as iam not planning to deal with such a deceiving website.Besides, I was not planning to pay neither this amount, not for this duration. Thanks to refund my amount urgently as the amount deducted has made me in serious trouble.

Oct 06, 2019

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