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Countrywide Homeowners InsuranceLack of full disclosure

On March 13 I received a letter from Countrywide Mortgage about my home mortgage. I called customer service and the issue was resolved. At the end of the call the customer service agent asked if I would like a quote on there premium for homeowners insurance. I was transfered to an agent in the insurance division. After a brief interview on the phone I was given a quote that was about $100 less than I was paying at the time. The agent told me he would go ahead and start my insurance that day and that I should call my current insurer and cancel my policy.
I received my new policy in about a week. About 10 days after this I received a cancellation notice from my new insurer. The reason for my cancellation? My house was not in good enough repair to pass underwriting requirements.
I was not informed an underwriter was going to inspect my property nor that being covered was contingent on this inspection. So now I will have no coverage as of May 4th 2009 and I was given no chance to correct the problems. I cannot go back to my old insurer unless I pass an underwriting review and pay $300 more per year in premiums.
When I called Countrywide and complained to the agent that I had not been informed there would be an inspection of my property, the only response I got was that this "is a standard procedure of insurance companies when issuing a policy". His tone of voice indicated he couldn't understand why I did not know this. I replied I did not sell insurance and that this was only the second time I had purchased homeowners insurance. He told me he was "sorry" but offered no help. I feel like I was duped into accepting this new policy without all the information I needed to make an informed decision.

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