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Hello CS team,

I wrote a complain and asked many times whats going on with my CS account (was hacked, or something) but I didnt get any answer back. thats unpolite and not customer oriented. I paid for usid this account and should get any explanation.
below my emails . you can answer to my email address arek.[protected]

thanks in advance
Arka Les

Hello CS Team, still my CS account is blocked... whats going on?
please explain and make it accessable? thanks in Advance. Arka Les

Hey Jenny,

here the required link

this king of Things never happened to me?! somebody hacked my account?

Arka Les

Dnia 2 października 2019 18:16 Couchsurfing Support napisał(a):
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Jenny (Couchsurfing Support)
Oct 2, 09:16 PDT
Hello arek.[protected],

Thank you for contacting us. I'm happy to help with this, but to do so I will need to find your Couchsurfing profile.

The email address you provided does not appear in our system. Is your account registered under a different email address? Can you remember your username? If you don't have this information, can you send us a link to your Couchsurfing profile page or the full name you registered your account with and your date of birth?

I look forward to hearing back from you so I can help you with this.

Best regards,
Community Support Team

Oct 2, 08:57 PDT
Hello CS Team, I got a message my couchsurfing account is suspended ?? why?? Arka Les Arkadiusz
Here is a link to your request if you would rather reply here: (#1231671)
This email is a service from Couchsurfing Support.

wróć do Wysłane odpowiedz prześlij dalej przenieś do zapisz drukuj

Oct 06, 2019
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      Oct 13, 2019

    This just happened to me as well. Any luck getting your money back. I will be filing a complaint with better business burrow.

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