Costcooutdated products

J Aug 03, 2018

I have been very unhappy with the products I have purchased recently. On July 27 I bought crab dip took to a party opened it up and it was right looked at the date it was 8/2/2018, short dated. Another time I bought a 3 pack of bacon, took it home opened it and the pack in the middle was moldy. On August 3 I went to buy precut lunch meat and the sell by date was August 3, I processed to tell the deli clerk and he shrugged his shoulders at me. In March I bought my ham for Easter which was April 1, cooked it put it on the table, again I had to throw the whole thing out it was bad, I paid over $25 for it. I use to brag about you but now I tell everyone check your dates. I am a long time Costco member, but I haven't been going ther at all, I really like bj's better. I love your self check out, your deli department and your variety of products that I personal am shopping for. I may have to rethink shopping here anymore.

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