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On Friday 10th November 2017 at around 0930am I attended this store and purchased a tea for myself. I received one cup and one small tea pot and small milk jug containing milk. On finishing my tea I noticed a number of sharp broken porcelain pieces at the bottom of my cup that I had been drinking from! I was unaware where the broken shards of porcelain had come from or how they got into my cup. I was obviously shocked and very concerned as to whether or not I had swallowed any shards. I alerted the manager present, who originally served my at the till point who introduced himself to me as Mr Joe Fams. On closer inspection it appears that the milk jug I was provided with, was broken from the inside. It appeared that the broken shards of porcelain originated from there and obviously could not be seen by myself as they were covered with milk. He took down my personal details and contact email and offered me a free cupcake and drink which I appreciated - his customer service was good. Please enclosed and attached images:

However, I have not received any contact from Costa head office regarding this experience which I find appalling considering the serious risk this posed to one of your customers. Should this have been a small child's drink it is likely there may have been serious implications involved, it is very dangerous.

As a market leader within the coffee industry this isn't really acceptable service and I would expect a better standard; I am looking for some form of compensation for the concern caused.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee

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