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2:10 am EST

Costa Coffee Ilford london

I am disgusted at the service at this branch and this particular worker at around 6.55am Tuesday has been rude, ignoring customers and on his phone talking to his friends. He is of South Asian descent and very rude and untidy. He never says how can I help you or thank you or please. What service is costa providing. He clearly does not like his his job. If he doesn't pls don't wmploy people like this. He never smiles either. Please have someone look at this.

Kind Regards

Desired outcome: Training or fire him

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5:38 am EST

Costa Coffee Everything

Hi, I'm wanting to complain about Costa Coffee in Starbeck, Harrogate. Unfortunately everywhere has staffing issues in the service industry. As the store manager of KFC less then 100m away from this store and as a regular visitor I have witnessed and understand the difficult position this store is currently in. However Yesterday Wednesday 26th January I arrived at the store at 8.15am at what was previously advertised as it's opening time to find the time was now advertised as 8.30am. This wasn't a problem as when having staffing issues I can understand this happens. I returned at 8.50am to find the store still wasn't open so I left and ordered delivery from Starbucks at a much greater cost to myself as I wasn't willing to guess when I may be able to purchase coffee. This has happened regularly over the last week now.

The level of customer service has gone completely down hill as well as the food safety and general health and safety aspects of the business.

The new guy working there must be the owner as he walks around like he owns the place,

He is working with his coat on... Uniform Standards?
He has his own coffee on the till... Food Safety
He has a chair at the till... How about clean the dirty shop?
Is rude to customers... The very few you have left.
He is ignorant and doesn't listen effectively.

The bin was overflowing, the tables and chairs are everywhere including blocking the path to the front door, all the tables are dirty and the POS is sat on the floor.

I don't require any recompense for this, I just feel as a company you need to speak to the francize about the level of standards that should be maintained as a brand.

A lady shook her head when speaking to her friend and he asked her "what you shaking your head at" I think its obvious really at this point.

Desired outcome: Fix the shop

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Harrogate, GB
Jan 27, 2022 4:23 pm EST

Absolutely agree with the above. I go regularly too. And I appreciate the difficult issues that the store is having. And am keen for the place to stay open as it is a god send to the community. HOWEVER, lately standards are so terrible it actually feels squalid. The staff talk about teh days takings in front of customers.
The guy has a terrible attitude and dreadful standards. The new temp manager who is female has poor standards. You have had great members of staff in the past - who kept an incredibly clean, efficient place. But they keep leaving which suggests that they are not being treated particularly well?

Something needs to be done as this place is damaging the brand. I called the store to see if they were open.
The new guy answered 'hello' I said is that Costa Starbeck 'yes who is this?' he said.

WHAT? I'm not telling you who I am. I want you to answer in a way that reassures me I have called a costa and not your house.

This store has serious problems .

4:47 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Costa Coffee Card saying not registered

went to costa in Kirkcaldy after giving them my club card they told me it wasnt registered, been using this card frequently with no problems, plus having accrued quite a sum of points on it, why wasnt it accepted ?

card N0. [protected] 2

Card was presented to Costa cafe in Kirkcaldy high street on the 25th January at 08 15,

What other information do you require ?

Richard Briggs.

Desired outcome: Restore and give me my accrued points on my card

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5:04 am EST

Costa Coffee coffee and service

Dear Ms/Mr,

I'm writing to you to complain about the mile end road costa store, because they are very pushy and demanding to the point where they have bullied me into paying for a larger coffee size. This has happened multiple times. Today I went to the store in the morning, to order a caramel latte, as I usually do. I didn't specify the size, expecting the regular size as usual. They charged me 4 pounds - which I thought seemed overpriced. However, I just assumed the price had changed.

I have previously asked specifically for small and they have repeatedly offered medium in response! I think this is unreasonable and greedy! I suffer from a severe mental health condition, which can lead to mania from caffeine as I'm schizoaffective. I take medication for this, so I'm not manic. However, I am now suffering due to the grande/tall large coffee that I did not intend to drink. This is coercion. And I will take this very seriously, if I do not see any change in my local costa staff. I'm very angry, and for this reason I have not and will not buy a costa membership card. Also, I don't appreciate being asked about the costa card over and over by the pushy sales baristas.

Yours faithfully,
Syeda Jiniya

Desired outcome: A change in attitude and conduct

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4:39 am EST

Costa Coffee Product

Last Sunday, I visited the Costa coffee shop in Telford shopping centre. Everything was in takeaway: cups, plates, cutlery. It was absolutely dreadful. I hate coffee in takeaway cups. Today, I am in the Costa coffee shop in Tesco in Ludlow and they have no toast. Appalling service.

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7:51 am EST

Costa Coffee Parking fine

A few months ago I visited a Costa cafe (at 6 George Place, Bathgate, West Lothian EH48 1NP) to enjoy coffee with a friend. I was distressed to later receive a demand to pay a parking fine for parking in the customer car park. I was unaware of any restrictions for parking and no-one at the counter asked if I had parked there. Nor did they mention any restrictions or a process for registering my stay. If the fine is based on video evidence then that same evidence must show me also using the Costa premises as a bona fide customer. The fine demands are ongoing. I have been totally put off visiting again unless the fine is cancelled and all customers are routinely asked to register their car when they are served. Reply, please, to email address [protected] Thank you.

Desired outcome: Cancellation of fine and all customers routinely asked to register their car when they are served.

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11:34 am EST

Costa Coffee Poor Service

A friend and I attended the gym at The Exchange in Ilford, Essex and decided to have our lunch and coffee. There wasn't a great selection of food at Costa (ground floor The Exchange) so we decided to buy our lunch elsewhere and return to Costa for a coffee. We sat down at Costa after ordering our coffees - we witnessed an elderly gentlemen go to the Costa counter. He had purchased a toasted sandwich but only one side of his sandwich was un-toasted - the manager (Mohamed) was so rude and said that's how they are produced and no nothing could be done - the poor chap was a little shaken and sat down.We started to take our lunch out and the manager came to us and spoke rudely about having our lunch on the premises - if he had spoken politely about the company policy, we would have understood - there was no poster or indication on the premises that consuming food from another restaurant was not permitted. The manager was so rude and threatened to call security if we had our lunch there - we could not believe what was going on and how the situation had escalated ! We went to speak to the elderly gentlemen whose daughter was so unhappy but didn't want a confrontation with the manager.We asked a number of times for the name of the manager and was eventually given his name as Mohamed - the Manager's assistant was polite and was clearly embarrassed at what had happened. We left this Costa once we had received the coffees and will never return - customer service stank unlike the Costa based on the 2nd floor of the same shopping centre - why is there such a difference in customer service at Costa - it has truly left a bad taste with us and we should be ever go back to Costa ! We usually visit Costa 4 times a week and spend quite a bit of money.After this experience, we are strongly considering leaving Costa and trying Starbucks. I don't usually complain but in this instance, I feel I had to - 2 customers were treated badly today that I am aware off. If I was the franchisee of this Costa, I would be worried !

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7:48 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Costa Coffee Coffee, Food, Tea

After visiting costa this morning at Squires Gate Blackpool, Order no 73, 11:28 on 26th December 2021.
Asked for 1/2 shot large Latte Whole milk, Tea with 2 milks, wife hates strong tea, was not asked about sauces for the Bacon Roll

What we got was one milk, no sauce for bacon roll, and the coffee tasted terrible, after looking at the bill, it said one shot whole milk,
It was not whole milk and yes 1 shot, instead of half of one shot.

It was impossible to get back to the order area to many people, And even after 3 jabs and flue jab we are still afraid of Covid..

I am feed up with wasting money with this company..

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11:27 am EST

Costa Coffee Service

Incredibly slow service with 5 members of staff on site. The floor was not clear and we stood at the front of the queue unserved for 5 minutes as two people prepared 4 drinks for another customer. One server was standing around not doing anything, clearly poor management. They were closing one of the coffee machines starting at 16:15, when I believe they close at 5, which isn't acceptable when the other Batista's clearly needed assistance.

This is for the Southampton west quay shopping centre store.

Desired outcome: Better management + more proactive competent staff

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2:59 am EST

Costa Coffee Service Time

Go to your Costa Coffee Taplow Retail Park and witness the worlds slowest Costa Coffee service times. 40 minutes for a coffee and the staff were not bothered.

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1:26 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Costa Coffee Staff

On the 15th December 2021 I attended costa coffee cafe in Kingswood Retail Park Hull I ordered sandwiches and drinks for myself age 67 my disabled daughter and my granddaughter we all three maintained vivid regulation keeping 2 meters apart and all three wore masks I was very angry on the arrival of a party of approximately 12 people who non were wearing masks continued to pull 3 tables together and sat round the 3 tables they were less than 6 inches from our table let alone 2 metres I went to report this to a male member of your team who just shrugged his shoulders and laughed To keep myself and my daughter safe we decided to leave our lunch and leave the premises .
I cannot believe that a company as big as costa allows their staff to flaunt the government rulings on Covid 19 I hope for the population of the UK Costa will retrain all their staff on Dealing with keeping people safe in these times of the most decimating virus that we have ever known.

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Update by Bev Hutchesson
Dec 16, 2021 1:28 pm EST

A very angry member of the public

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9:08 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Costa Coffee Avocado, lettuce & tomato gluten free wrap

I usually enjoy the vegan options from the Costa in my university library. This particular wrap was very disappointing though. Soggy, bland, odd aftertaste - I had 2 bites and threw it away. Which is a shame because I'm starving & the nearest vegan sandwich shop is miles away & I need to finish my essay! I'd happily buy this healthy option if it was improved, but currently it's just grim 😭

Desired outcome: Refund for the sandwich (maybe you could improve it too?)

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9:52 am EST

Costa Coffee My costa coffee card

I have a Costa card [protected] 3275457 6 and it is registered but every time I use it in a Costa café the person taking the money says "you have a lot of points/beans on your card but you have to register it. It is already registered and I've been on the Costa app but I cannot get any help for the card number as it says its not available, but I've had it a long time. Could this be sorted out soon please?

Desired outcome: Can I have my points please for my free drinks. Thank you

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Update by Pat Cadwaladr
Dec 05, 2021 9:53 am EST

I would like to have my points please so I can access my free drinks. Many thanks.

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12:45 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Costa Coffee Vouchers

I received three emails informing me that my Costa vouchers for 5 x free drinks was about to expire on 30th November (today) 2021. So I headed to High Street, Southend-on-sea with my emails on my phone and presented them to Costa. They said they were not able to redeem them because I had no longer a card and there was no account number on any of the emails. Now - why did they not include my account number when the emails were sent? I have no trace and had no app on my phone. I missed out, with my friends, having the 5 x free drinks as my 'points' have now expired. I have no account number to trace!
I hope to recive a reply from you
Kind regards,
Jacky Coole


Mon, 15 Nov at 15:01

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Your account is due to be deleted
As you haven't used your account in the last 12 months, your account is due to be deleted on 30th November. This is in line with our data retention policy.

We recently converted the points you'd collected into beans when we moved you on to the new Costa Club. So, once your account is deleted, you'll lose the 5 free drink vouchers you had on your account on the above date.
A bit of background
In March 2020 (when COVID-19 forced the nationwide closure of all Costa stores), we switched off our loyalty scheme's automated points expiry and data retention processes temporarily.

This allowed us to protect the points you'd collected. It also meant that points and accounts that weren't being actively used were protected from being deleted, as this would have been unfair given you couldn't visit our stores.

Now that all Costa stores and drive throughs are open again, we're reviewing inactive accounts that haven't been used in the last 12 months.
Act now
If you'd like to keep your account open, simply start using your Costa Club app or card by 30th November. That way you'll benefit from things like free drinks, free cake on your birthday and bonus beans.

However, if you don't mind your account being deleted (along with any beans or vouchers you've collected), please ignore this email.

If you can't remember your account password, you can reset it here.
Or if you have any questions, please contact us here.

The Costa Club Loyalty Team

Desired outcome: I would like my account number retrieved. I would like the 5 x drinks vouchers to be sent. My name is Mrs. Jacky Coole. No account number and no card.

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2:08 pm EST

Costa Coffee chair collapsed leg snapped off

on tuesday 23 nov i was having coffee in your hounslow london outlet when the chair i was sitting on collapsed the leg havin almost broke off resulting in me getting coffee on my cloths and injuring my back resulting in me having to go to hospital and loosing 2 days work i filled in form suppled by the outlet manager and took photos off the chair with thanks miss [karan] fei wong

Desired outcome: some sort off reambursement

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8:26 am EST

Costa Coffee Staff cant use till properly, Cant use rewards or get gift cards

I visited your branch in Seacroft, Leeds 14 today to use my free coffee rewards. I was very disappointed to get told I couldn't use my rewards due to being told by your members of staff that because the till was new they didn't know how to use it properly which resulted in me buying them at full price. I have never complained about costa ever and I am a long customer as you can tell with my account with details above.

They also told me I was unable to buy any costa gift cards for Christmas also as they didn't know how to put them on either. You must be losing loads of money and making customers angry. Surely the staff should have the training to do these tasks, especially at this time of the year when most busy. It will not affect my visits to costa but just hope on my next visit the staff will be more clued up on how to do this.


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8:33 am EST

Costa Coffee Re Costa Coffee. None of the four staff are wearing a mask at the Costa Coffee shop at the west end of Hounslow High Street

This is really disrespectful to the shop's customers - the majority of whom are wearing a mask if they are not except when they are drinking Bj or eating on the premises.

It is of course very unsafe for the customers. As you know It only needs one of the staff to be a spreader having Covid-19 without realising it.

This contrasts totally with the Cafe Nero staff further east down the Jigh Street who are ALL wearing masks- I shall take my friends there in future.

I do not know the names of the staff, The time is 1.20 pm Saturday 27 November 2021

Please reply to me by email
John Snelling
19 Burnaby Gardens
London W4 3DR
Email: [protected]
Tel: [protected]

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3:50 am EST

Costa Coffee Coffee

I went into a Costa Coffee shop a few days ago and I purchased a flat white with coconut milk, but the coffee was cold and it didn't have a heart like it supposed to in the middle of the coffee cup, and then yesterday I went into a costa different one in Basingstoke and the same thing happened the coffee was cold and the person that made it didn't know how to put the heart in the middle of the coffee cup,
in all I spent £5.80 on 2 cups of coffee and was bitterly disappointed, therefore I would like a refund please?

Desired outcome: £5.80 refund please

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5:51 am EST

Costa Coffee Your staff Accidentally dropped a hot drink in my car I was hurt and they didn’t fill in the accident form

I have already fill in a on line customer services form but I still haven't heard anything back on Friday the 19th Nov I drove though and had 3 hot Hot chocolate the lady had ask for one back because she made a mistake on milk, wen she took it back the lid cake off and she dropped it back in to me this was extremely hot This ruined my clothes my phone and my interior in my car nobody asked if we needed any help or assistance I had to pull the car over and clean it after asking for towels and wet wipes the staff carried on serving other people it wasn't till I had to directly coming to the counter and ask for the manager and his help at this point it was absolutely useless I told him that I've been scolded and he rang another manager to see what he could do nobody ever asked after this point if I was ok or needed any medical assistance with this scold I asked if there was an accident form I needed to fill in all that he needed to fill in regard to this he said because he's already spoke to his manager on the phone and it's been noted that this didn't need to happen I left very confused a refund was given for the drink and I was reassured that once the manager had come back to store they would issue a refund for valeting of the car and any other damages that had occurred from the accident I asked if there was an accident form I needed to fill-in or that he needed to fill in in regard to this he said because he's already spoke to his manager on the phone and it's been noted that this didn't need to happen I left very confused refund was given for the drink and I was reassured that once the manager had come back to store they would issue a refund for valeting of the car and any other damages that had occurred from the accident I've tried to contact the store this morning but the number keeps dropping out, as you can imagine I'm very disappointed and very upset firstly for the way that it was handled secondly after seeking advice and knowing now that an accident form should've been filled in and wasn't I feel very let down, I would look like somebody with
Immediate effect look into this I have the receipt from the
Valet and I seeking this to be refunded The clothes that I was wearing are completely stained and I'm seeking a refund for these as well my phone will not turn on and it's now currently in a workshop as I have no insurance cover on this and having to pay private for it to be fixed this is something I'm also seeking a refund for, my leg is still quite sore and for the complete lack of understanding and compassion from your staff and well as any health and safety or first-aid I feel my leg would still be as bad if I'd receive the help that I should've had

Desired outcome: Refunds and full investigation

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10:31 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Costa Coffee Attitude of staff

Hi I ordered a coffee at Ruthin costa in north Wales in uk ! I asked if I could use a £20 gift card was told by male serving that it was ok !
But then he had a bit of problem with the till ! Another member of staff came over ( Vicky ) and said card was invalid because time to to use it had run out and said it still had £20 on it ! I said that can't be because I had used the card in a drive through 2 days before! So if it was invalid the sum on it should have been less ! She said I haven't used it ! I said your saying I am lieing !
She gave me a number to ring but it was a number for the suppliers of the tills ! I asked for her name and
Said her customer attitude was terrible !she said I can complain if I wanted but that they don't answer to Costa ? So would be wasting my time !How can that be ? It's a Costa coffee shop?

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Costa Coffee In-depth Review

Location and Accessibility:

Costa Coffee has conveniently located branches, making it easily accessible for customers. The coffee shops also provide accessibility for individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their offerings. Additionally, Costa Coffee provides parking availability, making it convenient for customers who are driving.

Ambiance and Atmosphere:

The interior design and decor of Costa Coffee shops create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The comfortable seating arrangements allow customers to relax and enjoy their coffee in a cozy environment. The noise level is kept at a comfortable level, ensuring a pleasant ambiance for conversation or quiet work.

Menu Variety and Quality:

Costa Coffee offers a wide range of coffee options, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and more. Their tea selection is also of high quality, catering to tea lovers. In terms of food options, Costa Coffee provides a variety of pastries, sandwiches, salads, and more. They also consider special dietary considerations, offering gluten-free and vegan options.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Costa Coffee's price range is competitive compared to its competitors. Customers can expect value for money in terms of portion sizes and quality. Additionally, Costa Coffee offers discounts and loyalty programs, providing further value to their customers.

Customer Service:

The staff at Costa Coffee is known for their friendliness and professionalism. They provide speedy and efficient service, ensuring that customers are served promptly. The staff is also willing to accommodate special requests, going above and beyond to meet customer needs.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:

Costa Coffee maintains cleanliness throughout their premises, including tables and chairs. They also provide hand sanitizers or other hygiene measures to ensure the safety of their customers. The washrooms are well-maintained, reflecting their commitment to cleanliness.

Wi-Fi and Amenities:

Costa Coffee offers reliable Wi-Fi for customers to stay connected. Charging ports for electronic devices are also available, allowing customers to charge their devices while enjoying their coffee. Additionally, customers can find newspapers and magazines to enhance their coffee shop experience.

Community Engagement and Sustainability:

Costa Coffee actively engages in local community initiatives, showing their commitment to the communities they serve. They also make efforts towards sustainability, including recycling and waste reduction practices. Costa Coffee sources their coffee beans ethically, ensuring that they support fair trade practices.

Online Ordering and Delivery:

The Costa Coffee website or app is user-friendly, making online ordering a breeze. Customers can expect accurate and timely delivery of their orders. Costa Coffee provides various delivery options and fees, catering to the convenience of their customers.

Overall Experience and Recommendation:

Based on personal experience, Costa Coffee provides an overall satisfying experience. The combination of convenient locations, cozy ambiance, delicious menu options, and excellent customer service makes it a recommended choice for coffee lovers. Costa Coffee could further improve by expanding their vegan and gluten-free options to cater to a wider range of dietary needs.

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