Continental Finance Co,LLCbilled incorrectly!


Attempting to repair credit rating, company advertised on Experian Credit Report, so I believed company was legitimate and applied for credit card. card sent i did not activate after reading all the terms and excessive finance charges. I was sent a bill for $250.00. I want this acct closed since i did not activate card. Continental Finance Co used name of Delaware Bank which is the only reason i trusted applying believing they were sincere and trying to help people.


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      Feb 27, 2008

    The fee structure of the Continental finance MasterCard is stated at time of application and activation. It must be accepted by the consumer twice. Its not fine print, so I find it difficult to understand how it came as a shock.

    Consequently, we have a 30 day closure policy that states if you do not want the card and have not used it, we will close it and remove any up front fees that were billed to the account. I would call that pretty fair.

    First Bank of Delaware is our issueing bank which is why it is listed on our material.

    Your account has been closed per your request


    Continental Finance/Corporate office

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      Mar 10, 2008

    I to have a complaint, i actually paid my bill with direct pay and they still reported it to my credit report as a chargeoff, I am so outraged I didnt just pay the min. but the entire card off. Now I am contacting the betterbusiness, this is terrible you wait so long to get your finances in order and they just ruin it for you

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      Apr 12, 2008

    They put my wrong telephone number on my account. Then customer service dude said i had to close my account an re apply. The nest day i call and woman says the manager just updated the system with my new phone number. STILL CANT ACTIVATE IT! Seriously this card is ###. If anyone has the activation number email it to me at [protected]

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      Apr 28, 2008

    I changed cell phone carriers and after i recived the card called from my new cell phone number they told me that i needed to call from the number i applied with and then they told me that there was nothing they could do and for me to Throw the card away, I spoke with several people on this matter including a manager that was rude and arrogant, i should have read the reviews befor i applied for this horrific card, i am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau.

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      Mar 26, 2015

    I electronically submitted a payment for may card account on the 16th of the month. My bank card was debited for the amount. Seven days later, Continental finance called me wanting to know when I was going to pay. I gave them the confirmation number and the amount from the transaction. They insisted they did not have the payment. I checked with my bank and they told me the amount was submitted electronically and we verified the card information. The bank said it was paid electronically on the 19th and received by Continental Finance. When I tried to explain this to the customer service rep, she put the manager on the phone. He insisted that my bank was wrong. I called the bank back and they are running a check on the transaction and will have information for me tomorrow. Continental Finance has a terrible payment processing solution. I think they do this so they can charge fees. This should be illegal.

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