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I have been financed through this company since Feb. 2007 I have never missed a payment at all always on time with them. In June I could no linger afford the payments of 400 a month due to losing job and trying to collect my unemployment with 3 children. I called them to let them know I was going to be unable to continue paying on the car. And asked them to make arrangements with me on surrendering my car back to them. They said ok we are going to take you to court and when start working we will garnish your wages. I said you have to do what you got do. So they said we will call you in week with when we will be coming to pick up the vehicle. ok no problem. they call me yesterday and tell me oh you were approved for a free of charge deferment on the vehicle so it gives you until July 31 to try and see if you can afford the vehicle again. i said ok well they have my bank account info. from my previous payments because that is the way i have always paid. well the [censored]en a**holes went and processed a payment without telling me and made me overdraw on my account. so now i have no money for my children. i have been trying to contact them and i have no luck in getting someone to talk to me. well little do they know i have contacted my back and i am disputing this transaction that has left me nothing for my kids. this is company is wrong in the way they do there bussiness and i advice everyone to stay away from them...


  • J
      Jul 16, 2009

    I also experienced harrassment from this company. I filed a complaint with a consumer rights law firm for (FREE) and settled with CPS. If you are looking for a firm to help you stop this behaviour with CPS give them a call. Weisberg & Associates [protected], and ask for Alex.

    J. Spicer

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  • D
      Feb 17, 2010

    so when does a company need to charge u 12.00 to pay your car payment... they call everyone in your family if u are a day run why u can dont do anything with them... run run

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