[Resolved] Complete Savings / Complete Savetaking payments from my bank account

L Nov 05, 2019

The Complete Savings Team

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I noticed that £15 had been taken from my account and on inspection found it was to be a regular monthly fee.
I googled the company and saw that many people were complaining about them. I phoned the customer support service on 0800 389 6960 and cancelled any further payments. They promised to reimburse my money too, but I won't hold my breath.
I recieved an email shortly afterwards confirming the cancellation.
But to be sure I contacted my bank and put a block on them taking any more.
Apparently I filled in my details while online shopping! Absolute rubbish, I didn't do anything of the sort.
It's obviously a scam, which they no doubt make a lot of money from. People don't check their accounts enough and these payments are going out monthly without their knowledge. I have a online account via my phone and regularly check my bank accounts for anything suspicious. I thought I was pretty savvy about online scams but these are harnessing information from shopping websites like Argos, so be extra careful and never click on a banner. That's how I think they did it.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Hello Lindacross,

    Complete Savings is an online membership programme ideal for those who shop online regularly. Complete Savings members have access to a wide range of cashback deals, including an initial cashback reward, a monthly cashback reward, discounted gift cards and 10% cashback at over 650 online stores.

    Please be assured that we are not harnessing information from our retail partners and that you cannot become a Complete Savings member by simply clicking on a banner.

    The only way to become a member is to manually enter your details in full on the Complete Savings sign-up form. The details required are: your name, your email address (twice), your postal address, and your credit or debit card details for the monthly billing. It is mentioned in several places on the sign-up form that following 30 days free membership, there is a monthly fee - hence why you are required to provide your credit/debit card details on the sign-up page. To complete your sign-up, you must click a "Yes" button to agree to the terms and conditions of the programme. There is no other way of creating a membership but to provide your details in full and click the "YES" button on the sign-up page. If you'd like a copy of the sign-up form, please contact [protected] and we'll be happy to provide it to you.

    We are glad to hear that our customer service centre has been able to provide you with assistance. We hope your contact with our customer service centre and this message has resolved your complaint.

    Kind regards,
    The Complete Savings team

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