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Corporation Wiki / Sagewire Research / false posting

Mar 19, 2019

I own the PO Box 300445, Austin Texas, 78703. I noticed that corporationwiki falsely claims that LISA M RUHL has my PO BOX address. That is false. I cannot find a complaint form to get the false info off the internet. So I put my complaint here. I wish they would remove this person from wrong affiliation with my PO BOX. Joe Wendland owner of PO BOX

corporationwiki / my home address is posted for my nonprofit, not my nonprofit address

Jun 4, 2018

I need to have my home address removed and my nonprofit address added. This is on view for public online and theres no contact email or address to speak with someone to have this taken care of. When I first became a nonprofit I put my home address on the paperwork, but later obtained a PO...

Corporation Wiki / unavailability to remove or correct personal info

Mar 15, 2018

Corporation Wiki or Sagewire Research LLC listed our personal address under company information online without our consent. This has exposed our privacy to public. Also there is no way to contact them for this matter. There is no phone number or email address provided on their website. We...

Corporation Wiki / a corporation saying I was an officer of the company.

Oct 23, 2017

I just happen to search my name. Up came SW Marketing? They have me a part of a corporation that must have forged my name as part of it. I was never involved or a Secretary of this company. The company says inactive. It's called SW Marketing. It was an ex boyfriend who I was no longer... / Erroneous Information about Me

Mar 26, 2015

During a routine search on Google, my name appears under as owner of Realty Benefit. I worked for Realty Benefit as a licensed Real Estate Agent only. I haven't worked there in approx 10 years. There is no way to contact the Web designer/company to correct...

corporationwiki / trying to steal my computer program

Mar 12, 2015

I started my business and then made a computer program and now corporationwiki is obviously trying to make it for their own. It's my first contract of business and everybody is trying to mess with it. It's my computer program Decleration of Atlas/Uniting All Together. It's a...

Corporation Wiki & Sagewire Research LLC / Violation of Public Law

Feb 19, 2013 operated by Corporation Wiki and owned by Mike Prince of Sagewire Research LLC, a FL corp. posted erroneous information on consumer. They were contacted numerous times to delete errors without results. This is in violation of U.S.C., TITLE 15, SEC. 1601-1700, supra...

Corporation Wiki / Sagewire Research / Not removing me from their site

Mar 30, 2012

They have listed me on their website, my name, my home address and my phone number. I have sent them at least 7 different emails asking them to remove me from their website. They have not done so. They are violating my privacy. I just want them to remove me from their website for security reasons. / Violates my privacy

Mar 19, 2012 has me listed in business with inaccurate names/people. They include my home address - which invades my personal security - and they have no contact info on the "Who-is." The "Who-is" provides a phone number which is not representative of the company and the person who... / Profiling me without my consent

Mar 5, 2012

I was surprised to see my name appear at I have requested to update its data base to reflect no association with an inactive Florida corp in which i had no owner i was just former employee. I never gave florida dept of state permission to allow to profile me or propogate information about me. / False information, no recourse to correct

Jan 4, 2012

This website posted false information about myself stating that I was an officer of a corporation. They have gone to great lengths to hide themselves so there is now way to contact the site owners or any form of customer service. They only have a built in 'contact us' email box... / Fraudulent Website

Dec 22, 2011

They listed my company without my consent. The pathetic part is that all the info that they are displaying in the general public in their website are wrong and yet they pose to be legitimate like as if they were given permission. This company is in San Antonio Texas based on their server...


Aug 19, 2011

Posting 5 bogus names as managers at my company. Some from China which indicates they are using my company to import counterfeit product. Corporation wiki claims all information was obtained from D&B and Hoover but after contacting them, they both checked my file out and have no such name... / Exploiting personal info

Ol HAS GONE TO TREMENDOUS LENGTHS TO 'HIDE' THEMSELVES WHILE PUBLICLY EXPLOITING OTHERS. posts EVERYONE's complete personal information globally. Even, children. However, after massive research on and internet searches, to find...