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Money being withdrawn in my account

I have seen an amount of £15 taken out of my account and I did not sign for any membership. Can you please return my money back and stop taking money from my account. Thank you. I even called and you confirmed that I don't have any account set with you and now I don't know how to cancel the transaction and I'm not sure now when you started taking money from my account coz it's only today that I have realised it. Please remove my details from your system and stop this fraudulent act you are doing. I don't even know how you got hold of my details

My funds taken by Complete save without my consent.

Hi Adam,

Please see below:

Adam Scarborough
25 Emberson Way
North Weald, Epping


Dear Sir / Madam,

The purpose of this communication is to highlight my heighten level of shock, surprise and unnecessary stress caused by my recent discovery that your organisation has unlawfully been taking £15 from my credit account without my prior knowledge or consent for the last 6 years.

This is clearly classified as an 'Unauthorised Debit' as I have not knowingly signed any consent or authorisation form whatsoever for these funds to leave my account.

In the nation and local media your company is always getting exposed for cases where old and vulnerable people are getting trapped into handing over money by mistakenly clicking a wrong 'bottom' on a computer screen, and they are not fully aware what they have supposedly done when it is too late.

As you can clearly see from your records I have NEVER used my membership in all these years which would clearly suggest beyond doubt that I was never aware that I had supposedly signed up for this.

As a large corporation providing a public service it is your social responsibility to ensure there are robust measures in place against taking money unlawfully and the person in question should always be made fully aware.

As a key NHS worker during this very difficult in British history, my stress levels are stretched to full capacity. I really don't want to be putting myself in a situation to worry even further about something which is not in my control

Given these mitigating circumstance I would appreciate a full refund of all monies taken from my account to date.

I really hope this can sorted ASAP to avoid any further escalation.

Yours sincerely

Adam Scarborough. (Mr)

unauthorized charges to bank account

This company is charging without my authorization money from my account.
Tried to speak with my bank and they will try to sort it out asap as the have already heard about them.
Today i received another charge from this scam company and apparently the are not replying to any of the email sen

Somebody should do something!!!

Wly complete save

I looked on my online banking today and noticed this company had taken £15 from my account, i researched in the internet and saw many people have had their money taken also I can confirm I have never joined any plan whatsoever but I do occasionally shop online but always from the same place, I have absolutely no idea where they got my details from but have been told they have been taking money since last year when I called the bank they hung up on me and I already waited over 30 minutes for them to even answer my call so I've written a complaint on my bank online and am waiting for them to get in touch but they told me I must of registered or signed up as it's some kind of subscription for cash back that I do not and have never wanted

Metro bank

I had £15 taken away from my bank balance, I've not signed any agreement or any contract to have any money taken away from me. I've not made any purchase recently and I've left a screenshot down below to show that there's been £15 taken away from me for no reason, I haven't even been told why this is happening. Please resolve this, I desperately need my money back!

Metro bank

WLYcompletesave.C — Just had £15 taken from my account by this company

Just checked my online banking and have had £15 sent to WLYcompletesave.c and don't know why. I can't remember registering with this firm and want to get refunded and stop payments. The money was fraudulently taken, thanks

Money out of bank — Money out of bank

I've checked my bank to see that £15 has been taken out of my bank!!! This is not good, I'm on £30 a week as I'm still young and this is very annoying ! I'm going to stop further payments being took out my bank !!! Furious — I didn’t agree to this so please stop taking £15

Ref on card statement [protected] please stop and refund. I have no idea what this is for. I have put internet services as I had to put something in the box

WLY Complete Save Money going out my bank — Money being taken out my bank

I have noticed that money as gone out my bank and I don't know why but I do know I haven't signed up to owt so need that refunding and my details removed thankyou. .

subscription payments without authorisation — complete savings has been fraudulently taking money from my account

A total of 30 pounds has now been taken from my bank account and my bank has located the source to be this website. This has been two seperate occassion of £15 payments, and i would like an explanation. I have at no point authorised these payments or subscribed to these services. If no explanation is given, I will take legal action, as my bank have advised. I expect a reply shortly.

unauthorised removal of funds — £15 had been taken out of my account

£15 has been taken out of my account not to my knowledge and not been authorised. I would like to know the following;
Why has this been taken?
Where did you find these details?
When will these funds been returned to me?
How do I know the above won't happen again?

Also, I would like confirmation of no further funds to be taken and clarification my details aren't being stored.

I shall be providing the fraud team with my bank about this unauthorised transaction.

WLY*COMPLETESAVE.I — Stop taking money from my account and refound me please.

Stop taking money from my account and refound me please.

Friday, 20th March 20


Account Number

Unauthorised payment taken from bank account

This is the second time £15 has been taken out of my bank account. I've never heard of complete save before and have not signed up to anything or used anything that would involved this. Therefore this money is pretty much being stolen from me. My bank has been told, and I've marked it as fraud. Is there anyway to resolve this? Or that I can get the money back?

Unauthorised payment taken from bank account

Connor Warden

Unauthorised payment of £15 a month has been taken from my bank account for the past 3 months and was wondering why this was and if I can get a refund as I did not authorise it?
I have no idea where this has came from or how this started and have just noticed it while going through my recent outgoings. I hope you can help me resolve this, thanks.

No Product been taken from Complete Savings — 15 pounds deducting every month


I have never registered to complete savings and 15 pounds is getting deducted from my account.

Dont understand is this a kind of fraud.

Can some one help me in refunding my amount deducted so far and unsubscribe me from complete savings ASAP.


Taking 15 pounds out each month.

Why are you taking 15 pounds out each month? I have only just noticed as now I don't work and currently pregnant. Please can this stop I don't even no why you are taking it out or remember this website!!!

Taking money — Taking money from my account

I checked my online banking this morning and have seen you have taken £15 from me.. I have never signed up with you before so I don't understand why that has happened. Can you cancel whatever membership you helped yourself sign me up with and can i have my money back please., I now have no money on my account for the rest of the week. thank you

Taking money from my account

Full Refund — Still not received!!

I had email from company to say they would fully refund me but as yet I am still awaiting full refund, cannot get an operator on their customer service telephone number and still no reply to my email. Getting very concerned now!!

My reference : [protected]

Unauthorized bank withdrawals

This company has taken £15 out of my bank account for the last 5 months!!!
This is unauthorised, I've never even heard of this company let alone subscribed to anything on here. I demand a full refund of this money and to never hear from this company again.

Mark lock
14 st.andrews
Bs30 8gj

Complete Save

I have a transaction for £15 for Complete Save however I have not signed up for this. Please can I have this looked at and my subscription removed. I have never even heard of this company until now so it is impossible that I have registered for a subscription. I would like a full reimbursement for all charges taken from my account and think that thus company is disgusting after reading other people's complaints

Complete Save

Need help

I'm a single mother and just found out you have been taking £15 a month out my account with out my say so, that's a hell of a lot of money to me. Please could I have a refund.
I'm really hurt and upset by this, nothing like this has ever happened to me before and it's left me so short

Many thanks

Rachel Anne Lee

Unauthorised debit for many years

Hi Team,
I have noticed a £15 debit taken from my account every month for more than 5 years. I am not aware of giving any formal authority to compete saving at anytime to debit my account. Neither do I see a standing order or a direct debit requested for complete Saving. I have also noticed you have no option to opt out on your website. Hence I would kindly request you to provide me with the refund of every single penny debited from my account without my prior consent for so many years.


This company has taken £15 out of my bank account.
This is unauthorised, I've never even heard of this company let alone subscribed to anything on here. I demand a full refund of this money and to never hear from this company again.


Complete savings taking money from me

I had £15 come out of my account when I signed up but never ended up using it, I phone my NatWest bank and they had told me they cancelled any further payments and I ordered a new card, I don't know how they have my new details because yet today another £15 out my bank, THATS £30 in total and I am furious as this is fraud, I cancelled the original payment and my card and get somehow another payment has come out, How is this, I'm outraged and want my money back, £30 should be a small amount to a company who have probably been scamming people with fraud like this for ages.


This company have been taking £15 monthly out of my RBS credit card account since September 2018, can't believe I haven't noticed this sooner, I thought it might have been something that RBS we're doing but now I realise it was 'nt and wish for a full refund, I gave never given this company my details and never given them permission to steal money out of my account, now that I realise tgatsvits a type of fraud I am furious as I'm a pensioner and worked hard all my life for my money, how dare these people do this without permission

  • Complete Savings / Complete Save's response · Mar 11, 2020

    Hello Sacha47,

    Complete Savings will be happy to assist you but it's difficult to do that in a forum such as this when we cannot identify a membership record for you.

    When you submit a complaint on Complaintsboard, you are not contacting Complete Savings directly. Unfortunately, does not make this clear to consumers and they mislead consumers to believe you are contacting us directly. They do not prominently display our actual contact details and instead their website is designed to prod consumers to post public complaints rather than advising the consumer to contact us directly so that your complaint can be resolved expediently.

    If you'd like assistance regarding the Complete Savings programme, please contact us directly so that we can identify your membership record and resolve your complaint. You can reach us on our free telephone number (from within the UK) 0800 389 6960, or, you can contact us at .

    In the meantime, we’d like to provide you with the following details about the Complete Savings programme.

    Complete Savings is an online membership programme ideal for those who shop online regularly. Complete Savings members have access to a wide range of cashback deals, including an initial cashback reward, a monthly cashback reward, discounted gift cards and 10% cashback at over 650 online stores. More details can be found at

    The only way to become a member is to manually enter your details on the Complete Savings sign-up page and agree to the Terms of Service. The details required are: your name, your email address, your postal address, and your credit or debit card details for the monthly billing. It is mentioned in several places on the sign-up page that following 30 days free membership, there is a monthly fee - hence why you are required to provide your credit/debit card details on the sign-up page. There is no other way of creating a membership but to provide your details in full and complete the sign-up page.

    We hope you use the contact details we included above to contact us so that we can identify your record and assist you.

    Kind regards,
    Complete Savings

Taking money out of my account

Took 15 pound out of my I want it back never signed up to it


Why are you taking money from my account I have not given your company any permission to take money from my account I assume and demand you are going to give my money back and cancel any further transactions you intended on taking. How can you take money from peoples accounts without there permission this is fraud. There are so many people who are struggling like myself and you think this is right?

  • Updated by Craig Deeley · Mar 09, 2020

    Refund ASAP

  • Updated by Craig Deeley · Mar 09, 2020

    There is two payments one of which is pending

Train Service Charge

Hi I'm furious to have checked my bank and £15 has been taken without my consent I wish for this to be returned and I didn't sign up or request for this too be taken. As this money been taken I am unable to get to work as this money is used for my weekly bus ticket I purchase using a app to get too and from work. I wish for this money to be returned ASAP as I'll struggle to get to work.

Train Service Charge

I've been charged the money without even knowing

So this morning i woke up to a bank statement which showed that I've been charged £15 by a company I've never heard about before! I'm absolutely fuming because I haven't signed up for anything that will charge me monthly. I've called up my bank and they advised me to get into contact with you first, but i want my money back because this isn't fair at all!!!

I've been charged the money without even knowing

Complete Save

£15.00 has been taken out of my bank account without me knowing. I have no idea what company this is or why the money has been taken out. I would like the money to be put back into my account immediately. I have never used this company before and if this matter isn't resolved in the next 15 days, will be contacting my bank immediately, as this is the advice they have given me.

Complete Save

Unauthorised payments taken

I have just noticed that £15 has been taken from my account. I have never ever heard of your company and after looking you up from the information provided on the bank statement I have never had any correspondence from you via email or phone. I do not understand why you have taken money from my bank with no confirmation from me! I would like the membership cancelled and my money back please.

Having money taken from me.

Hello. I am very concerned as my account appears to be having £15 taken each month.
On the 3rd of each month for now the 5th month running, I have seen £15 being deducted from my account to WLY*COMPLET.
I have not signed up to anything, this is not a direct debit I have subscribed too it is fraudulent and I want all of my money back as soon as possible. I am very angry about this, as a young person trying to get enough money for rent alone I think it's disgusting websites and/or companies see it acceptable to perform these acts? If possible I would like to know through which company this situation occurred as a result of to warn anyone and everyone from going there.
Total: £75.
Thank you
Sophie Gibbs, e-mail address is [protected]

Having money taken from me.

WLY* no idea what product or service they are offering

This company has been taking £15.00 pounds from my account for the last 8 months.
I have never signed up or registered with this company.
I am disabled so I do most of my shopping etc on line.
I cannot afford to lose this money, please can you stop them from taking my money.
If you were also able to get me a full refund I would be so grateful.

You taking my money

I looked at my bank statement which says you have taken £15 out of my account. I would like for that money to be given back and my details to be deleted from this site.I have no idea why you have taken this money because no one ever said that u would take £15 of my money so I would like all of the money to go back into my bank account.This is totally unacceptable.'ve been debited £15.00 monthly

I've been debited £15.00 on my credit card monthly when I did not sign up to anything. At least, not deliberately. I know this because I was made redundant last year, I ended up in debt and I am careful not to use my credit card except when I have to. I definitely, 100 %, would not have intentionally signed up to a regular debit on my credit card. I think I used the card to buy a small Xmas present for my host on Christmas Day.

This is some kind of cynical trap a la Amazon Prime.

Unauthorised transactions

I am writing to submit a complaint. I have had 2 lots of £15.00 taken from my acct leaving me unable to get my transport home tonight due to these unauthorised transactions. I am a college student so this is a lot of money to take and is completely unlawful. I have not signed up to anything with complete save as this is not something my very limited budget allow. I require the refund immediately.


Jack Stanway payment

Hello, I woke up this morning and saw that yous have took £15 out of my bank account ? And I went through your reviews it seems to be happening to a lot of people ? I want my money refunded ASAP as I never made an account or signed up with your company in the first place ! I can't afford to pay for this as all the money I earn is put towards my house!

If the money is not refunded I will be taking this further !

Bank money

You are taking £15 from my bank account each month and I have no idea why. I haven't signed up for anything and I never get emails or anything from you. I'd like an explanation and my money back. This has happened for the last four months with no explanation and no emails to confirm what it is I am paying for. There is nothing i can recall entering my bank details for as I get all my train refunds through Trainline.

Unauthorised charges from my bank account

since may 2018 every single month this Complete Save website has been taking £15 out of my account. now this started a long time ago so i am not aware of putting any details online to get money off of online shopping? i have always done online shopping since earning my own money but i do not EVER remember signing up to something like this, charging me this amount of money every month for money off my online shopping! i am not happy that this has been happening at all and would like it to stop as well as get my money back! this has been happening out of my knowledge as i have never used vouchers or codes to get money off any online shopping i have ever done without my knowledge. i am a single mum living off a small amount of money and since May 2018 that is £300 that has come out of my account WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE and money that i cannot afford to be giving away! i am not happy about this at all and would like my money back ASAP!


Monthly money out of account

As above . Money has been coming out monthly out of my bank since 2018 and I have only just realised. Can this be refunded ASAP please

I admit that I buy items on line however did not sign up to these regular payments so can only class this as fraud! Please can you advice my next course of action ? Please can I be refunded this amount or do I need to seek some legal advice thanks

Monthly money out of account