ZoxoroUnethical and unlawful policies

I purchased and item from ONEdigitals AU in November 2016, it was a Westone MMCX bluetooth cable from.

4 or 5 days after I received these I opened them for the first time and used them to find there was a sensitive connectivity issue with one ear piece where by the audio would cut in and out. basically out of the box they weren't working. I immediately contacted OneDigitals AU for a replacement HOWEVER its going terribly and has taken 5 months so far and still no resolution. According to them i missed the opportunity to claim a Dead on Arrival by 1 or 2 days (which according to consumer law is not correct) and its now been sent back and has to go to a repair centre and they are refusing to supply me with a brand new working product. IT took months to actually get them to collect the device and start to process the claim however it has been another few weeks and it would appear i am not getting a replacement or my refund. This all started November 2016 last year and its now May 2017

To me this is unacceptable as the item was not working out of the box and I was entitle to a replacement item given it was faulty when it arrived.

The initial transaction was on the 12 November 2016 for 181.75 and was from Internet

May 08, 2017

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