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I zoosked messaged and texted, talked to a person, believe under Zoosk member name, age was 63, advanced degree, lived in Carlisle, IQ, had a much younger profile displayed than his age. only 4 lines of a profile content. His name he told me was Antonio Krikman from Amsterdam, self-employed as an oil buyer/reseller to Japan/China. Was just getting ready to retire. Last contract in South Africa, where ended up asking for $6, 000 which I did pay him. I do have photos and the account/address of this information. Today, he asked for $75, 000 and I blocked him.

Hindsight, his facebook looked spoofed, as well as his linkedin. I also captured his facebook photo. I have other photos he sent to me.

Please remove this person, as he is a scammer in my opinion.

Feb 06, 2019
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  •   Feb 06, 2019

    In your opinion he is a scammer. Hmmm he took six grand from a gullible older woman and you think he’s a scammer.

    You can only scam the gullible. The signs of fraud were in big red letters.

    Look for love locally. Have an adult go-over everything before you spend a dime.

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