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California, England, East Anglia, United Kingdom

I subscribed to ZOOSK for a 3 month membership and what a load of tripe this site is. Whenever I logged on there was never more than 3 or 4 people online regardless of the time of day, so after 4 boring days without even so much as a "wink" ( how lame is a wink for God sake) I decided to make sure that another £47+ was not extracted from my bank, only to find that they were about to take another 47 quid the next day ! Having trawled thro their endless Ts & Cs in search of a "Contact Us" (there wasn't one) I even tried phoning California ! Guess what ? Answer phone even though it was the middle of the day there !So I contacted my bank and cancelled all payments to ZOOSK. How many people have been conned by this bunch of crooks ! WTF you pay for I don't honestly know because if you should want to persue a relationship in any form it would cost a bomb cos at every opportunity there is an extra charge. So much for our friends across the pond, just a bunch of crooks.

Aug 11, 2016

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