Zoosk Online Dating / not working

United States

I have been trying with Zoosk Online Dating but failed to even establish one single contact. I am not the best looking guy on the block. I give you that. But I have been on other oversees sites to know that even though I am not best looking guy, I was able to contact, chat and luckily enough to date a few nice women. Ladies even contacted me. But here at Zoosk, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I played the numbers.. I refined and customized my messages, improved my profile and changed my pictures a few times based on the advise of some friends. Still nothing. Not one dam thing. After a couple of weeks, I am convinced this site is travesty; a scam of the first order. I even saw on Jimy Kimmel show the site being advertised as "FREE". That is a joke. My advise to anyone out there: stay away from ZOOSK.

May 7, 2014

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