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Redwood City, CA, United States
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I am an extremely disappointed first-time customer of zazzle. First of all, I placed my official order for 3 sets of business cards on 13/04/17 and when they finally arrived yesterday (15/05/17) I noticed on my receipt that the “order date” said 04/05/17.

After numerous attempts at trying to get in contact with zazzle to find out where the hell my cards were, it took over a month for them to be delivered to me. Certainly not a good first impression. 

to make matters worse, the real reason why I am fuming out my ears at this total lack of professionalism, I open up my business cards in anticipation, expecting them to turn out the way I ordered them (Is that too much to ask?!) - and yet my hopes were completely diminished when I saw what happened to my business cards - poor printing of my headshots and space between the photo of my headshot and the edge of the card - how can you look at what you did to my cards and happily post them off to me thinking I would be okay with this? If they don't look like what I ordered, then it is not what I ordered. Extremely disgruntled - absolutely embarrassed by what has happened here. Terrible service.

The printing was just crap. On the back side of my business cards, it looks as if they double printed my headshot and so on every single card, there is an extra bit of my head showing on top of the actual head shot - the pictures will explain what I mean. Just ridiculous. After waiting over a month and receiving no updates on whether my product is actually being shipped to me - as a first (And last) time customer, I have no plans on recommending zazzle to anyone - i'll go to vistaprint next time. Anyone but zazzle.

This is ridiculous and completely unfair. I paid for a service and the service was incredibly unprofessional in terms of communication and product quality, so why should I have to fork out more money?! I just wanted some nice looking business cards the way I ordered them. So regretful.

I want a full refund.


May 15, 2017

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