Zazzlecrappy printing and worse customer service!

I have had a Zazzle store since they began printing T-Shirts and have generally been pleased with their service. Occasionally they will not print enough white if ant, as a first layer for a design on a dark T, but that's what there "If you don't love it.." is all about.

I recently ordered a reprint of a band t-shirt. The reprint was not direct printed but on a rubberized transfer and looks like something printed at my local mall.

Shame on you Zazzle! Now their return people threaten to charge you a restocking fee or freight to return the useless product unless you take a Zazzle credit. And you can't call them during normal business hours unless you live in California, and when you do, you are talking to someone in Ireland which is 7 hours ahead! How difficult would it be to extend support to cover 8- 6 across all 3 time zones/ Shame on you Zazzle!

I will be trying to recoup my existing balance from sales and then I will shut down my zazzle store and move to a competitor that understands consistency, quality control and customer support, which Zazzle has clearly forgotten.


May 05, 2017

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