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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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I had really bad experience with ZARA Viet Nam today. This was actually the first time I ordered Zara product online in Viet Nam and I do not think I would use the service again, and consider anti using Zara product in the future if my problem is not settled down satisfactorily.

Yesterday night, I got an SMS from the store to confirm that my order had been ready at the store and I could go to get it there. Then, I tried to manage my time to walk there (which is 15 mins away from my company, and I also needed to ask for my boss's approval). When i got there, they told me to be back after 15 mins-20 mins later since the order was not ready yet. I explained them that I could not stay longer and asked for their support on this. But they said they could not. Ok fine! Then I called the call center to explain to them the situation. And their solution was that I shall go back to the store and wait or I would like to cancel the order (I know Zara is rich, so they did not need my consuming). I suggested if they could ship me since I needed to go back to work, but still could not. They just repeated the boring policy which I did not violate (since I was really there, but they delayed the order, and now this was my fault). Trying to talk but failing, I decided to go back there as they promised that everything was ready. Then I again arranged to walk back there and the store still asked me to wait for 20 mins for the orders. Was they kidding me? Did the customer service complete their job to keep their promise? I felt so offended. I called the center again to meet the manager to seek for the reason. Then he told me to wait he would call the store immediately. Then now he called? After 15 minutes without any feedback, I called him back and the center said he was busy and could not come to the phone (avoiding me?). At long last for 25 mins, the store called me to come to the cashier to take the order.

I contacted back the call center and they keep their irresponsible attitude to answer me that at least they delivered the order successfully, and they did contact the store after my call. Why did they need to wait me to call them? They must initiate to contact the store to prepare for me in advance, and kept their own promise.

I highly recommended that Zara would settle this somehow. Otherwise, I would never ever buy anything relating Zara brand again, and also spread this to my beloved and friends even though I know that Zara is rich already and Zara did not need customers anymore.

Warm regards,
Quan Doan
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Oct 24, 2017

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