Zara.comsecurity needs more training

I am a regular shopper at the Zara in Cross County Yonkers, Ny, but after these last past 3 vists/experiences I am highly upset and uncomfortable to step a foot back in there again. The man/security guard in the photo attached has been following through out the store on 1/26/17, 1/28/17 and today 2/4/17. Today it was so bad that I had to speak to the manager on duty about it. She failed to resolve the issue.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Yonkers, NY I have a video of him on my phone following me. The store would be doing great business but he insists on following me. Even when I went down to the men's department just to see if he would follow and he did, and that's when I took the photo. This security guard makes me feel unsafe and very uncomfortable. Something must be done or else I am going to file an additional grievance report regarding this issue.

Feb 04, 2017

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