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1 Yonkers, NY, United States
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On December 29, 2017 at around 10:30am in the Zara located at the Cross County Mall in Yonkers, NY, I experienced the worst customer service on behalf of the store manager.

I have been a customer of Zara's for a very long time and always experienced wonderful customer service. Today when I walked in, I saw a dress that was appropriate for a birthday celebration I needed to attend. Since the dress did not have a tag, the female on the floor helped me figure out the price which was $7.99. I was thrilled, what a great deal and it was my size.

If anyone has experienced the Zara in Yonkers, NY you know that the line is never short. And so I waited on that line and when I went to pay the women at the register says that she can't sell me the dress because its from the previous season. I ask to the speak to the manager because I really needed/wanted the dress.

The manager comes and doesn't even greet me or hear me out just immediately says we can't sell you the dress and there is nothing I can do. I say but someone on the floor got a price for me, and stood on this line, can you create a ticket for me. And she says no, and goes on to explain that the dress was not supposed to be on the floor. I say okay, so since there was an error made on behalf of your store is there anything you can do for me, I really need a black dress that is similar to that one. She says no there is nothing I can do.

If I were the manager of the store, I would have first listened to the customer, then I would have apologized deeply for the error made on behalf of my store. I would have offered (or my designee) to assist in finding another dress that was similar and tried to give a small percentage off to accommodate the customers need for a black dress and the misunderstanding.

Instead, the manager did non of the above and just kept saying there is nothing I can do and didn't even apologize for the error her store made. She was very unpleasant. On the other hand, the two ladies on the floor were extremely helpful, pleasant and wore a positive, big smile on their faces!

I will like for Zara to offer an alternative option for a black dress at the price that I was quoted of 7.99 and remind their manger of the store that a smile, an apology for an error, and an offer to help resolve it would have gone a long way.

Thank you

Dec 29, 2017

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