Zara.comI am complaining about how one of the sales staff treated us

Zara's branch in Greenbelt is our favorite branch in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, we have encountered a very rude, unprofessional, and unapologetic staff tonight. At first, we asked her nicely if there's still an available size for the item that I am into buying. Her initial facial reaction was unbelievable. She opened her mouth a little while she rolled her eyes. She didn't say anything, instead she just grabbed the item and walked away. So we assumed that she's gonna look into it. After picking up other items to try on I saw her and so I excused my self to follow up for the item that we have asked her. She didn't acknowledge me instead, she was talking loudly on her phone. Once more, I attempted to excuse and make a follow up by waving my hand so she could notice me. Btw, I was besidr her. However, I was ignored for the second time and still she was talking loudly and rudely. My husband who's always been quite approached her directly as he sarcasticly apologized on my behalf for disturbing her. Seeinng her reaction made me angry, it felt that we were the ones who should apologize. But then I calmly asked her name to another staff in order to create this complaint.

Zara's staff have always been accommodating and friendly with us. I am truly disappointed that a staff like Tina is a part of this global brand. I am looking forward to hearing your action plan towards this kind of treatment.

Thank you!

Dec 02, 2018

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