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Just after Christmas I ordered a winter coat and a few other items from Zara. I had them sent to a neighbor's house c/o because she is home more than I am. I then went away for a holiday break upstate. Zara sent me a confirmation email saying my package was delivered with a tracking number for a company called Laser shipping. The package was said to have been delivered on the Friday. I was still upstate and my neighbor was not home. I followed the tracking link and saw that someone had signed for the package in an illegible signature and then printed my name (misspelled) in brackets. I have credit card receipts of gas purchases and breakfast and lunch stops that put me upstate and my neighbor was volunteering at a church with witnesses that can place her there. She lives alone in her house so I know there was no one else who would have answered the door. Yet Zara says the delivery was made correctly. I never received the package! When I told Percy, the supervisor at the call center that I did not agree with Zara's resolution of the matter or investigation results, he said it was final and refused to give me another name or way I could follow up. He eventually gave me a general email for but refused to give a specific person, other than himself, or department I could follow up with. I explained that I could prove I did not receive the package, nor did my neighbor, and pointed out the misspelled name, all fell on deaf ears. I love Zara's product! It is so sad that the company has gone so far astray from their own stated mission of keeping the "customer at the heart of (their) business model". After seeing all of these similar complaints I know there is some kind of internal problem at Zara. Either the drivers are stealing the product or they have some other ethical issues they need to deal with. I have never been treated so poorly, rudely, or dismissively by a company as a customer! I am appalled and very upset. I really wanted the product I had ordered. My winter coat had a broken zipper so I ended up ordering a different coat from Andrew Marc. I would still like the emdoidered denim shirt and palazzo pants but I see the pants are no longer available in my size. I should not be charged for product I never received! If the driver is giving packages to people on the street without identification that is a problem for the company to sort out not one I should have to pay for! My order number is #[protected]. The order was placed on 12/26/16 and is said to have been delivered on 12/30/16. I will state again neither myself nor my neighbor received this package or any product from Zara.

With Frustration,
Terrill Becker

Jan 16, 2017

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