Zara / blazer

Richmond, BC, Canada

I went to zara today and notice a rack of blazers with a clear sign stating "all blazers $49". Yes, in capital letters. I took the blazer to the register and they over charged me. I immediately pointed at the rack and the employee acknowledged the sign and said no that's wrong and offered the explanation that it was mistakenly placed by a customer probably. Now there was approximately 9-10 of the same blazer on the rack. Then a manager came and simply replied "no" to everything. They refused to give me the price on the rack although it was evident the purpose of the sign is to show the price. The other blazers on the rack also were not the advertised price. I asked the purpose of that sign? No answer. The employee was apologetic at least when refusing the price, the manager was just rude and did not want to hear anything or care.

Aug 10, 2016

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