Zales / worst customer service ever

Wilmington, United States

My overall experience with the Zales store located at Concord Mall, Wilmington, DE, has been nightmare. All I needed to have done was a simple sizing however in the process, I received the wrong ring back from the repair shop and another time there were missing stones. I was forced to deal with the store on 7 different occasions in a 45 day time frame. The poor customer service provided by all employees, manager included is what stood out the most. My recommendation would be to stay far away from this store unless you look forward to being mistreated. I was actually told by the manager, "I heard about you two and how nasty you are". After complaining to the corporate office, nothing was done, not even an apology. For a company that thrives on the quality of their diamonds, I would think they would have handled this situation better or at least hired sympathetic employees who could deal with matters such as this.

Jan 22, 2015

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