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My husband purchased my engagement ring/wedding ring set from Zales in June 2006. The 2 rings were soldered together in January 2007. I took the rings (as a set) back to Zales in Feb 2010 to see about having them sized up as I had a child and could not wear my ring. They told me my extended warranty didn't cover it; however, there was another warranty that was available and I could purchase that and they would upsize/downsize my ring for free at any time. So I went for it. They sized up my ring and 2 weeks later I picked it up. Well, here it is January 2011, and I had lost a lot of weight so I took my ring back to Zales to have them size it back down. They said it wouldn't be any problem and it would be back in 2 weeks. They called and I went back in 2 weeks. When I got there the lady at the counter told me there was a $40 charge. I questioned as to why the charge. She informed me that if my rings were soldered together they charge $40 to put them back together. I informed her that I was never told of that additional charge. The guy who originally sold me the warranty was there so she called him over. He immediately deleted the $40 charge. I was fine with that, but was questioning what would happen in the future if I ever upsized or downsized it again?!?

So then, I tried on my ring to make sure it fit right. It felt funny so I got to looking at it. The bottom of the ring was paper thin. So thin I could have accidentally hit it on something and it would have bent. I then pointed it out to the manager. My ring was absolutely not even close to being this thin when I dropped it off, as I am very careful with my ring and know for a fact that the bottom of it was not worn at all; however, it may have had a few scratches. The manager told me he would send it back in and have them fix it. He specifically wrote on the receipt to the jeweler that the ring was too thin. He then wrote "Rush" on it and told me he'd have them rush it back. Here it is 10 days later and I haven't heard a word from them. I am very nervous about how my ring will look when I get it back. I am wondering how good of a jeweler they actually send it to and am thinking they probably have been "stealing" gold from other people too.

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      Jul 19, 2009

    I highly urge people to shop some where other then Zales. My husband and I upgraded to an almost $5000.00 bridal set, after a couple of months my diamonds were falling out, I think I was missing 6 or 7 by the time they agreed to "fix" my ring. They sent me back a dull ring, and now, again, I have three diamonds missing from it!!! I work in the fashion industry, and do plan on getting the word out to all of my clients to stay away from Zales!!! They need to go under and I would love to help push em down!!!

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