Zales Jewelry / poor customer service!


We have had a Zales credit card now for about 5 months. We are never late on a payment, usually pay well before the due date. This month, we missed a payment by a week, due to recently moving, things being crazy, etc. It just slipped through the cracks. Zales customer service called my spouse and just reamed her out, yelling at her, asking her why she can't make her payments. Told my spouse she was more than a month behind. Total foolishness. She then threatened my spouse and told her if she doesn't make a payment immediately, she would cancel her account. The day this happened, I looked at our statement, and in fact, we were NOT A MONTH BEHIND! The payment was due on 8/7, the date this happened was 8/14. The customer service lady must have very poor math skills. Payment was made on 8/14...

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