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Purchased pearl earrings and necklace for my wife. It was supposed to come with a certificate of authenticity and didn't. after 3 weeks, 3 e-mails and 5 phone calls I keep getting the same old story. We will call you in 2 days with an answer. They never call, I have to call them. I'm on my 3rd supervisor and I get the same story, she will call me in 2 days. I'm not holding my breath. I will never buy from them again or recommende them to anyone.

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  • D3
      Aug 29, 2009

    Why did you leave the store when you purchased the items without the docs?? If you doubt the authenticity, you should not have left. YOUR FAULT.

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  • Je
      Jan 04, 2011

    I ordered a ring and 2 other items on Monday 12/12/10 online at Zales. All items were listed as available and guaranteed by Christmas. I got a call in the evening on 12/17/10 to inform me that the ring would not be available until mid Jan and if that would be OK. I stated that I had to have the ring by Christmas for my wedding anniversary. He apologized and said I could have 10% off of another item and by the way, the discount that I originally received because of the monetary amount (3 items) was reduced and I was informed that 1 of the items would not receive a discount at all (The discount was applied to the total originally). During the checkout, nothing indicated that some items were excluded and they don’t charge your card until it ships. So, you can’t really be sure what you are paying until it ships I guess.

    Later that night after shopping wildly for an alternative, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was placed on a torturous hold and then told that I could not wait for a supervisor because they needed to clear the line. I persisted and eventually spoke to a supervisor. I pointed out that by offering a 10% discount for the inconvenience was a joke. After removing the original discount and then offering 10%, I would come out the same. (What I really wanted was the item that I had spent a lot of time shopping for and selecting.) I got nowhere and was left with the impression that business is so good at Zales that they can afford to treat customers any way they want.

    With only a week till Christmas, I had no choice but to select another item from Zales and to make it better I was required to place the order over the phone so they could review the account notes and straighten things out. Another half hour I will never get back. After placing my order, the Rep said she did not have the authorization codes to apply the discount and there was not a supervisor available; therefore she could not give me a total. She did assure me several times that the order would be shipped overnight through FedEx and my discount would be credited back to my card.

    Today 12/21/10, I get an email showing the order was shipped 3 days later and you guessed it. It was not sent as overnight service. Instead it was sent as Express Saver with an estimated delivery of 7:00 pm on 12/23/10 (if all goes well). If I am not waiting at the door, I don’t know how I am supposed to get my hands on my order.

    This has been a frustrating experience and I will never purchase from Zales again.

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  • Re
      Sep 02, 2015

    Dear Zales,
      I am more than appalled at your Enfield CT location. I feel a great injustice has been done to me. Let me explain why I will never use your company ever again.
      I purchased a beautiful ring for my wife, the ring retailed at $5, 900 I also purchased the lifetime warranty on the ring as long as I maintain my cleanings and inspections every six months which I follow religiously. I have had three repairs done to the ring. The first repair was one of the stones cracked and was found during one of the inspections. They sent the ring out and said it will take two weeks for the repair to be made. Two weeks came and no call, three weeks came and no call, so I called and found out that it is a special repair and had to be sent to a special repair facility. I asked how much longer would it take, the girl said one week guaranteed, I said OK please call me if anything changes. A week went by and no call. Again I called and spoke to the manager he said well this is a special ring and requires special attention. I again was guaranteed one more week. I called two weeks later and spoke to the manager again who completely forgot I already spoke to him about this. He gave me the same story. I told him we had already had this conversation and he immediately clammed up it took a month and a half for a two week repair. I was upset no one contacted me.
      Repair number two. My wife recently had lost 140 lbs and had to have the ring re-sized from a 9.5 to a 6. They told us it would take 3 weeks and was completely covered by our warranty, great, I thought. Three weeks went by and no call. So again I called. I spoke to the same lady I dropped it off with and she said it is waiting for approval, I said you have my approval and she stated it was going to cost me $240 because they have to replace the entire “shank”, wow wait a minute I was told it was under warranty. Apparently they cannot re-size a ring more than three sizes and the band has to be replaced, so I spoke to the manager and after a great deal of effort he decided to only charge me the stores cost of $80 and it took two more weeks.
    Repair number three, by this time I was a loyal customer of Kays adjacent from Zales. And was getting her Zales ring cleaned and inspected along with three necklaces, a mothers day ring, and a pair of diamond studded earrings I had purchased from Kays. The gentleman at kays asked to see the ring knowing how upset with zales I was. I showed him the ring and he inspected and found a loose diamond, thats correct i just had it inspected by Zales and the guy at Kays found repair that was needed (Thank God for Kays) so I immediately brought it to Zales and spoke to the new manager and updated him on the repair that was needed and also about the many issues I have had with his company. He stated that is why the old manager was let go and that he uses a new company for repairs. So I dropped off the ring on July 13th and was told he would have it ready for me by august 3rd I also let him know we were leaving for vacation on august 22nd and if there was any delay to call me. Guess what august 3rd came and went. I called august 10th and spoke to a girl and she said its still at the repair shop and wasn't sure when it would be back, well after talking to her and asking for the corporate number she gave me the number to the repair center so I called them and they said my ring would not be ready until august 18th. I called the store on august 20th and they said “yep its been here since the 18th” it would have been nice to get

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