Youtubeyoutube is deliberately shutting down a site which many people rely on

Why are you deliberately shutting down Dutchsinse live and Dutchsinse Reloaded? It's happened way too often to be anything other than deliberate, and reasons given are completely spurious!

If it isn't your company policy to practice censorship, then I suggest you start checking within for someone or some clique who have a private agenda and are using your organisation to conduct a campaign of sabotage against Dutchsinse under your banner.

Dutchsinse provides realtime earthquake information which cannot be found in ONE location any where else IN THE WORLD! Dutchsinse provides that information in a graphic format which makes it easily comprehensible to everyone.

He gives a daily forecast of earthquakes and explains simply and clearly the reasoning behind his forecasts. No one, and no government organisation does likewise. Thousands of people around the world depend upon him. HE SAVES LIVES!


Jan 24, 2017

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