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Na Mar 21, 2016 Worcester, MA Review updated:

Youtube had me sign an agreement to take 30% of video rental fees, and I would get the rest. Youtube is manipulating how many times they are rented, keeping it all, and trying to steal all of the revenue from my rentals. I cannot fathom this and this is my 2nd attempt at the complaint. It's so ridiculous to steal from the people that have channels.

With all of the money Youtube is making, why do this? It's so ridiculous and they have taken what would be a good thing, and made it a nightmare all out of greed? Not sure why.

I want to get this fixed and be paid in full for all of the rentals since I started this, and they were the ones that offered it to me and I have been renting them a bunch.

I have taken screen shots of the comments on twitter thanking me for the video information, and for when they have been rented. I have stopped making them because Youtube is stealing the money and I am about to get a lawyer or ask to start a class action law suit becuase they must be doing this to everyone.

You need to pay me for the rentals since I started, and all you have showing up are 5 rentals out of 79 videos over 3 months, and all of them have been rented an abudance of times, this is insane and such a tragic thing to do to a person.

I can't even fathom anything thinking I am that stupid that what I have done I would not have a handle on. And I have read that Youtube retaliates, and tries to harm the channel if you speak up, And that's even worse, but I want to be paid and make this grow, however, we are not partners if you are stealing, and taking it all.

Please fix this and put the money into my account and pay me for the 3 months of rentals.


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  • Na
      Mar 21, 2016

    Youtube should not be saying they will take 30% when they are taking 100% of the revenue for video rentals and not paying the person that makes them. This is ridiculous, and a sad way to do business. No one can be a partner if they take it all, and no one is going to make more videos if they are not getting paid. Youtube, fix this,

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