Youtubeurban carry holster-major complaint!

I have a problem with a commercial you air frequently that shows a man pulling a shotgun out of his pants and the same holster being used for a handgun.
Criminals have been waiting for just such a holster. They can carry a twelve gauge shotgun or an assault rifle into a bank or some other public building without anyone knowing it and use it to commit horrible crimes.
I find the commercial to be offensive and would like you to remove it. The second it comes on the tube, I race to skip the ad. I should not have to do that. The ad should not be aired, at all.
With all of the fuss made over security and public safety these days, your commercial seems irresponsible.
I hope I have used enough words to get my complaint noticed. I said what I needed to say in far fewer words but was forced to add words just to have enough to get noticed.
I had to use the term, "annoying commercials" because you didn't have a, "commercials that should be rejected" category.
I hope I have wasted enough time on excess verbiage to get noticed.

Jan 27, 2017

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