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my complaint is specifically about Cody's lab, or rather, the censure that his channel is unduly undergoing. Other channels and youtubers have said things much more controversial than Cody, and his channel serves the science literacy of the youtube community. I am frankly baffled that he is in a probationary state, and that fact that the process of flagging is so opaque makes me think I should take my information gathering elsewhere. How is one to appeal? I understand that tech likes to run lean, but not committing resources enough to keep a system in some semblance of fairness is counter to the establishment of a community and degrades content.

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Nov 07, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 08, 2017

    You could try contacting YouTube's customer service, but in the end they are a private company and have the right to restrict any content they choose.

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