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Looking for "cats meowing loud", I saw a title "fighting mad cats" appear. Viewed video on Friday, May 6th, 2017 and it is still on you tube. It's about a woman videotaping two cats viciously fighting. A black/white and orange tabby. As the women was taping, I could hear her laughing, even when the black/white cat was aggressively biting the orange tabby's face. The cat was crying loudly and could see it was trying to pull away, but couldn't because it appeared that cat was in agony! The fight stopped briefly when again the black/white attacked the orange tabby cat, biting the face again. Again, you could hear the laughing of this woman taping. It was very disturbing to me! The black/white cat had a mouth full of hair and something else "skin or part of eye?". This should be removed immediately so no one else can view this horrific scene. Last I seen, there were 3, 201, 254 views. I am surprise that no else has complained! I will take this to the Humane Society if not removed immediately. This kind of videotaping should not be encouraged!! If one does it, another will follow. Animals have no voices, so we must be there voice!!! I thank you in advance.

May 9, 2017

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