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Come on, your ads suck. Can you at least try to make your ads appealing to me? I just sat through ad (not for the first time I might add) that was supposed to highlight your new music service. Show me something at least tangentially related to video I'm watching, please? Don't show me someone walking through the halls of a school, singing along to a rap video when I'm trying to watch a metal video. Especially since A) She's not in right genre for what I'm listening to, and B) She looks an a**hole for singing along to her music player in the hallway of appears to be a school. I went to highschool. The people who sang in hallway to their mobile music players (whatever the form of the device actually used) were universally a**holes. You're not making me want to download/use/buy your product. You're just pissing me off. Get a better ad that relates to me, or show a different ad, maybe one not YouTube related so you actually make some money off of it. Come on guys. I have faith that you can do better. Please, prove me right. Stop the dumb stuff and give me ads that I have at least a chance of paying attention to. I know you have my information, why not use it?

Rant is over, I know you reading this are not personally responsible for the ad, and thus I wish you the best. But if you complained to your boss's boss, I would in fact, be grateful.

Me (you know who I am)

Aug 17, 2016

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