YouFit Health Clubspersonal training program and management

This review for the youfit location in richardson city, texas . I signed up with personal training . Paid $304 for 8 sessions each month, twice sessions a week. After they let the first trainer name Ella go for unknown reason. The next trainer i have had Sergio is terrible, couldn't get any sessions with him for the first 2 weeks, finnaly got a hold of him and some sessions done with him after 2 weeks then he kept canceling my sessions an hours before the sessions for 5 consecutive days. He came up some lame excuses, his back is hurt, his car is broken.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dallas, TX On top of that he took 2 weeks vacation so all 19 sessions included 2 promotions packages i bought from you guy are expired. The manager Holy did not thing but very lousy and disrespectful. He misled me and bends his words when i met him to discuss that i would take a business trip for almost 2 months so I would't be able to come in so if he could pause my account till i came back so the sessions won't be expired. He told me that i need to pay $50 fee and one session will be lost each month then all the other sessions will be freeze also, I agree on to that term, i came back yesterday and wanted schedule my sessions with my trainer to found out another 25 sessions already expired. He did not thing to help but giving me attitude and very disrespectful tone .

Dec 05, 2018

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