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My fiance and I are members at youfit in the mesquite location. My fiance deployed in March and we were not getting billed for 6 months until this month, December 2018, I was billed for his account. Before he deployed he called youfit to freeze his account until he was back home, which would be around march-may of 2019. The previous manager that my fiance spoke with froze his account, but not the correct way, according to Raymond (manager in mesquite). Raymond informed me that the previous manager didn't have my fiance come in to sign specific forms to freeze the account nor did she make any documentations and she was $0 out the fees for 6 months.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mesquite, NV I explained to Raymond that my fiance had asked her if he needed to come in to sign anything and he was told that he didn't have to. I had asked Raymond if he could waive the fee since my fiance isn't home yet and instead he cancelled his account and said that because he didn't collect a cancellation fee "we are now even".. he also said that this situation is a "he said she said" and that it's our fault for not calling before the 6 month mark to freeze again in order to not get charged for the monthly fees.. I explained to him that they wouldn't let me handle my fiance's account, but now that there's a situation they let me and now it's "my fault". I am very unhappy to how Raymond handeled my situation.

Dec 11, 2018

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